What is 4G and can I get it with BT Mobile?

All BT Mobile plans come with 4G at no extra cost!

4G gives you a fast connection. So it's good for things like streaming music, looking at Google Maps, and watching YouTube videos.

To be able to benefit from fast 4G speeds you'll need a 4G phone. If your current phone isn't 4G ready visit the BT Shop to purchase a 4G-ready phone. We'll send you a discount code once you order your BT Mobile plan so you can get the best price..

Go to the BT Shop now >

If you want to keep using your current phone that isn't 4G ready you'll still be able to connect to the 3G and 2G networks. Although 3G is slower, it's still great for email and general web surfing.

To see if where you live is covered by 4G, use our coverage checker >

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