Questions about BT Mobile billing

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How often will I get a BT Mobile bill?

BT Mobile bills come monthly, both for new and existing customers. If you've already got other BT services, then we'll move those over to monthly billing as well.

When will I get my first bill?

If you're already a BT customer you'll get your bill on the day you normally do. You'll see some mobile charges and allowances which are worked out from the point you order mobile to the date of the bill. You'll also see the full monthly charge for the following month.

If you've got no other products with us, you should get your first BT Mobile bill around 30 days from when you ordered it.

What will moving from quarterly to monthly billing involve?

If you get BT Mobile and you're already a BT customer, all your services will move to monthly billing.

From the time you place the order for BT Mobile, you’ll receive monthly bills for your mobile usage and rental charges until the next quarterly bill would be due. These interim monthly bills will also include usage charges for other products such as your telephone line calls or BT TV movies, but not rental for those products.

When the next quarterly bill is due, we'll start billing you monthly for all your products and services.

So if you order BT Mobile in the first or second month of the quarterly cycle, you'll see:

  • monthly charges for BT Mobile (remember, you've already paid monthly rental for your other services upfront)
  • monthly usage charges for all other products

At the end of the quarterly cycle in which you got BT Mobile, your bill will show monthly charges for all products in advance.

Will I see BT Mobile on my main BT bill?

Yes, if you're already a BT customer. But it might change a few things. BT Mobile bills come monthly and you need to pay by Whole Bill Direct Debit. So if your existing bills come every quarter, we'll move them to monthly Whole Bill Direct Debit and take the full amount each month.

We'll do all that for you and explain any new charges on your bill - you don't need to do anything.

Will I see usage charges on my bill?

Yes. As the bill payer you'll see a breakdown of your calls and texts, as well as daily data rates.

Can I have BT mobile on a separate bill to my other BT products and services?

Unfortunately not. We'll add BT Mobile to your usual bill. That's so that you can see and manage everything you spend with us in one place.

What happens if I have more than one billing account with BT?

When you order, we'll ask you which one you'd like us to add BT Mobile to.

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