My BT Mobile phone's been damaged. What do I do?

Like all gadgets, your BT Mobile phone can get damaged accidentally.

Our repair centre can fix most phones. It might not be always be economically viable, particularly if the phone's been soaked through. (You can put a phone into a bag of rice to try and dry it out and get it working for while.)

Apple products are always replaced: there are no accredited Apple repairs at the moment. If you've accidentally damaged your iPhone and aren't insured, you can get in touch with Apple and buy a refurbished phone.

Cracked screens are quite common too. Even if your phone was working with a cracked screen before, but has now stopped working, we'll have to repair the screen before assessing it for the other damage.

If you've got insurance, you can claim for a replacement. If not, you might want to look for a new phone in the BT Shop >

What kind of damage might invalidate my warranty?

  • Liquid damage – this can be steam, water or other liquids. Eventually the contacts and the internal electronics will corrode. There are sensors inside phones that show damage from liquids. If these have been activated our repair centre will return the phone unrepaired. Some phones are waterproof to a certain extent, but check the specifications carefully.
  • Physical damage – this can be obvious, like a cracked screen or case. If you drop a phone, the internal electronics might become disconnected. To repair a phone, we have to remove the screen. Our repair centre won't remove a broken screen to fix other problems
  • Non-approved software or "jail breaking" will invalidate the warranty
  • Repairs by a non-approved agency - if we see evidence of that or non-approved parts we'll send your phone back unrepaired
  • Using non-approved chargers sometimes invalidates the warranty on Apple and Samsung phones

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