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The My BT app is an easy way to keep track of what you're using and see how much data, minutes and texts you've got left in your plan. You'll also find a summary of any extra charges so you'll know what to expect for your next bill. And, if you have more than one SIM on your account, you can now check the usage for all your SIMs within the app.

Just so you know, the My BT app won't work with SIMs from other mobile providers - this includes EE and BT Business.

How do I get the My BT app?

You can find it on Google Play, in the iPhone App Store. Just search for "My BT" or text BTmob to 81192 and we'll send you the link.

The app works on Android 5.0 (or more recent) and iOS 9 (or more recent). If you can't find the app then it means your phone doesn't support it. You can try to update your phone to a version we support by going to the phone settings (usually found under "Settings", "About phone" or "System updates").

Any issues, please use the Help menu or send “App feedback” to help us improve things.

How do I activate the My BT app?

Before you start:

  • Make sure you've activated your BT Mobile SIM and put it into your phone
  • Remember, you can't use a SIM from another service provider (including BT Business or EE)
  • Check your phone has an active BT Mobile data or wi-fi connection

After you’ve installed the app, open it to start activation. If you're connected to BT Mobile data, it’ll only take a few seconds to activate. If you're connected via wi-fi, type in your phone number and we’ll send you a text message with a PIN. You just need to enter this into the app.

If the app asks for your phone number, make sure you enter the right one for your SIM. This is the number that’s active on your SIM and flashes up when you call someone.

If you haven't received your PIN and you've recently asked to move your number, confirm if we've definitely moved it before asking for a PIN. Or, make sure you're connected to BT Mobile data and try again.

If we move your number after you've activated the app, the app will update things automatically. You don't need to set it up again.

Can I view all my SIMs in the My BT app?

If you've got more than one SIM on your account, you can now view them all in the My BT app. This makes it easy for you to check your usage and manage your SIMs.

Find out more about viewing your SIMs in the My BT app >

How up to date is my usage information?

Everything is in real time so as soon as you finish a call or send a text, your allowance is updated.

Each time you open the My BT app it will update and show your usage and account information. You can also force it to refresh the data by pulling down from the top of your device's screen.

How up to date is my roaming usage?

It depends on which country you're in and the network you're on. It should be in real time in most countries, but when it's not, it may take a long time before you see it updated.

The data shown in the My BT app doesn't correspond to my SIM

If this happens, you need to reset the My BT app.

  1. Open the navigation menu by tapping the icon on the top left corner
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Tap on reset the app

You’ll be asked to activate the app again before you see your allowances.

The data you see should now correspond to your SIM.

Is mobile network activation secure?

We take the same approach to security as we do with the mobile number and PIN entry. Our mobile network is highly secure and we’ll use your SIM to validate who you are. This only takes a matter of seconds from the moment you open the My BT app.

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