BT Mobile: How much data have I used?

What do you mean by 'data'?

There are two ways of getting online. One is using 2G, 3G or 4G which uses up your allowance. The other is using wi-fi (either the BT Wi-fi included with your plan or another wi-fi hotspot).

When you're surfing the web, emailing or watching YouTube videos on 2G, 3G and 4G, you're using your plan's data allowance. (If you're using wi-fi then you're not).

Usually sending emails and surfing the web uses less data than streaming video or music.

How do I check what data speed I get wherever I am?

See our coverage checker in your area >

What is data roaming?

Roaming is when your phone connects to networks other than BT Mobile. When you go abroad, for example, your phone will connect to local networks to get emails or update feeds from services like Facebook or Twitter. Apps like these usually stay running in the background, which means you could end up paying quite a lot for roaming data charges from other networks. You can turn roaming off completely in your phone settings.

See how to do this for your model of phone >

I'm having problems connecting to the internet when roaming

This could be because:

  • roaming is turned off on your phone
  • you've reached the spending limit you set, so you can't use anything outside your plan

You can double-check these things at >

Learn how to turn roaming on and off on your phone >

My phone is saying there's no data available

Check the coverage in your area >

If you're abroad, you may be in an area that has no data services or a bad signal.

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