I've changed my mind. Can I return my BT Mobile phone?

If you're not happy with your BT Mobile Phone plan within the first 14 days, you can send your phone back and cancel your service - no problem.


Your right to cancel

From the day after your phone is delivered you've got 14 days to cancel. You'll still have to pay for anything you've used up to the date you cancel. You'll also have to return any kit we've sent you within 14 days of telling us you want to cancel, and pay the postage to return it. We'll refund anything you've paid for that kit within 14 days of getting it back.


What you need to do:

  1. Give us a call on 0800 800 150. Remember, you need to do it within 14 calendar days from the day your phone was delivered to you
  2. When you cancel, we'll stop your service immediately. (Unless you're returning to a SIM Only plan where we'll move you straight back to your original plan)
  3. We'll send a pre-addressed jiffy bag to the address where we sent your phone. Put your phone and any accessories inside the original box they came in then put that into the jiffy bag
  4. Send it back to us (you're responsible for the postage costs). There's no need to return your SIM


To avoid any extra charges:

  1. The phone must not be damaged
  2. Remove any security PINs, patterns or fingerprint locks from the phone
  3. Disconnect or remove links to any Cloud features such as "Find my iPhone" or "Android Device Manager"
  4. Send the phone back with any accessories that were originally included in the box 

If you don't send the phone back at all, we'll block it so you can't use it and charge you its full price. For more details, have a look at >

You'll also need to pay for any charges on your plan from the days before you cancel, plus any charges that are out of your plan.

Remember, when you tell us you want to cancel your order, you've got 14 calendar days to send the phone back. Please make sure you give yourself a few extra days for the phone to get to us in time.

The phone is still your responsibility until it gets back to us. We advise sending it using a secure and traceable service, and get insurance to cover the value.

If your phone comes back to us like we've asked, we'll then refund any upfront costs or deposits you might have paid.


I've switched from a SIM Only plan to a Phone plan. Now I want to return my phone and go back to my SIM Only plan

If you cancelled the Phone plan within 14 days, you'll go back to your SIM Only plan at the same point you left it. The original minimum term for your SIM Only plan will continue to apply.


What if I’ve already switched my phone number over from another provider?

Once you've asked to move your number, we can only cancel it if you contact us before 3pm on the working day before your number is due to move. Most transfers only take 24 hours, so this means you’ll need to cancel before 3pm on the same day you asked us to move it.

If it’s after this time, you'll need to wait until it's moved and then arrange for it to be moved back. If you need to get in touch, call 150 from your mobile or 0800 800 150 from another phone.

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