BT Here For You user guides

Find user guides, manuals and advice. 

BT Here For You user guides

Find user guides, manuals and advice. 






Download all of our product user guides from the BT website. 


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BT Basic

Our low-cost landline service with call capping and free weekend calls.


Free Priority Repair Scheme

Get quick, priority repairs any day of the year with this free service 


Getting started with Next Generation Text Lite (Android)

A mobile app to help those with hearing or speech impairments communicate. 


Here For You: BT's guide to help you communicate

Information on BT's products and services designed to help you communicate. 


Protected Services Scheme

 If you can't pay a phone bill due to exceptional circumstances, this free scheme helps.


Supporting vulnerable customers

Help and advice on communication for vulnerable customers. 







Communication choices: For people who are deaf or hard of hearing

How technology can help with communication.


Communication choices: For people managing a budget

What your choices are, plus tips to help if you are on a budget.


Communication choices: Dealing with unwanted calls on your BT line

How to deal with issues like unwanted calls, scams and managing outgoing calls.


Communication choices: Your hearing, your life

Advice and solutions for people who are experiencing hearing loss .



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