We've made changes to the layout of BT Mail

This change doesn't affect you if you use BT Yahoo Mail.

We've made some changes to the layout of BT Mail that make it less cluttered. We've also reduced the number of advertisements.

We know that not everybody likes change, so we've tried to keep the look and feel similar. We've been making these changes over a few months and nearly all our customers are now on the new layout. Once this has been completed, we'll retire the old version so you won't be able to revert to the old layout.

Signing into your email is still via www.bt.com/email. Or, when in BT.com, you can click on the word Email in the top right corner.

Top tips for using the new layout and features >

So what's changed?

Most of the features and functionality are still there and those you'll use most often are still visible from the toolbar.

You now access the Settings tab from the drop down option on the right hand side of the toolbar.

BT Mail toolbar layout

From this Settings link, you can then access all of the features that were previously available from the Settings link on the toolbar. You'll find these under Account info. And you can log out of your email here too.

We've introduced some short cuts for you to reply to emails, delete them, or mark them as unread or for further action. Hover your mouse over the email and these links will appear along with a pop up box that explains what each does.

BT Mail short cuts

If you right click your mouse on an email message, you'll find more short cuts, including the option to move the email to another folder or mark it as spam.

BT Mail more short cuts

You can still view the content of your email message in the preview pane. It's now a single click to open the message.

By clicking on the funnel icon, you can select the order in which your email messages are listed.

BT Mail funnel icon

Although we've got our own systems to detect and manage spam, we also rely on you to tell us the kind of things you don't want to get. If you receive an email you believe to be spam, there are a couple of ways to mark it as such.

Select the email, then do one of the following:

  • Right click your mouse and select More and then Mark as spam
  • Drag and drop it into the Spam folder
  • Click the email to open it, select the drop down arrow on the top right of the message and then Mark as spam

Select the email you want to print, single click to open it, then select the drop down arrow on the right of the message, and finally the Print email option.

BT Mail print

If you're finding the new font a bit small, you may want to check your browser zoom level. You can use CTRL + and CTRL - to change the zoom level.

Alternatively, to use our Accessibility view, continually press the Tab key (usually located above the Caps lock key on your keyboard). You should get a message offering you the opportunity to change options. This will make the headings easier to see.

BT Mail accessibility

Supported browsers

The new version of BT email is only compatible with the following browsers. If you're using an older browser, you'll need to update it:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Edge
  • Chrome 60+
  • Firefox 52+
  • Safari 10+

Some features we no longer support

We've removed some features:

  • Confirmation messages - when you send an email you'll no longer see a confirmation message. If the email was sent successfully, it will be in your Sent folder
    If the email wasn't sent, you'll receive a notification or bounce back message
  • Spell check - this feature is built into your browser and isn't linked to the new user interface

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