What is Full Fibre?

Fibre 100 and Fibre 250 is our latest fibre optic broadband. There are two products: Fibre 100 and Fibre 250, delivering average download speeds of 145Mbps and 300Mbps respectively.

We are making some changes to our fibre portfolio, launching new Full Fibre products.

Full Fibre is our next-generation broadband with a dedicated connection that runs straight to your home. It uses the latest fibre-optic technology to offer gigafast download speeds up to 900Mbps and ultrafast upload speeds.


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Full Fibre speeds explained

If you already have an existing ultrafast plan that’s powered by Full Fibre, such as Fibre 100 and Fibre 250, these have been renamed Full Fibre 100 and Full Fibre 300, but they offer the same speeds,

If you are on Fibre 100 and Fibre 250 you may be able to get even faster speeds with our new Full Fibre products. Log into My BT to find out your eligibility.

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Our Stay Fast Guarantee

We want you to feel confident our fibre broadband won’t let you down. So if your speed falls below the following download speed for the following products we'll give you compensation.

  • Full Fibre 100: 100Mbps
  • Full Fibre 300: 150Mbps
  • Full Fibre 500: 250Mbps
  • Full Fibre 900: 450Mbps

You can test your speed in My BT and receive £20 if it's slower than it should be. This is our promise that you'll get the download speeds you pay for - even at peak times.

Your expected speeds will differ depending on how far away from the cabinet you live or which technology you receive, but with our Stay Fast Guarantee you'll know exactly what speed you can expect.

Fibre 100 and Fibre 250 also includes our premium service. An engineer will set everything up for you - to make sure your connection is the best it can be. And if you need us, you'll talk to someone based in the UK or Ireland.


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