How do I connect my device to my BT Hub by Ethernet cable?

If you're new to BT Broadband and setting up your broadband connection for the first time, we strongly recommend you follow the instructions that came with your Hub.

Download broadband setup guides for your Hub >

If you've already set up your broadband connection and would now like to connect another computer using Ethernet, follow these steps:


What you need:

  • A spare Ethernet port on your computer
  • A spare Ethernet port on your BT Hub
  • An Ethernet cable

An Ethernet cable is generally yellow or white with yellow ends. The connector looks like this:

The Ethernet port is normally marked LAN and will connect with the ports on the back of your Hub.

But if you have Full Fibre, you will need a Cat5e Ethernet. BT will supply this, and it's the cable with red ends. You can buy Cat5e cables elsewhere, but they might have different colours.

Ethernet ports on the back of a Hub

Setting up

  • Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into your computer, and the other into the Hub or router. Make sure the connections are fully pushed in - you'll hear a click as they lock into place
  • Wait for a moment until you see an Ethernet icon on your computer. This will mean you're connected.

    Ethernet icon

If you can't see the icon, check that there are flashing green lights where the cable goes into your computer

If you're having trouble connecting to the internet, make sure the Hub's main light is blue. If you're seeing any other lights or colours, find out what they mean and what to do >

If you've manually changed your network settings (like your IP address or DNS server) in the past then you might need to change these settings back to automatic for your BT Hub to connect successfully.

Still need help?

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