How do I add files or folders to BT Cloud Sync?

Adding files or folders to the BT Cloud Sync folder is easy on any device.

On PC and Mac computers, you can add files through the PC/Mac application or by using the BT Cloud Sync folder integrated into your folder structure in the operating system.

Via the BT Cloud Sync folder in your operating system

Follow our step-by-step instructions.

Open your PC’s file explorer and find BT Cloud as shown below.

To add a file, either drag it directly into the folder or copy and paste. Remember a drag and drop will move the file from its orginal location rather than making a copy.

BT Cloud Thumbnail icon

Via the PC or Mac application

To add files to the BT Cloud Sync folder from within the PC application, simply click on the ‘+’ button.

BT Cloud Thumbnail icon

Your folders will open. Select the files you wish to add then click on Open to complete.

Note that if the PC application is expanded to full screen view the ‘+’ icon will become this icon:

BT Cloud Thumbnail icon

Via the BT Cloud web application

To add files to the BT Cloud Sync folder on, simply click on the 'Add to BT Cloud Sync' icon. Once your folders open, select the files to be added, then click Open to complete. The files will automatically be added.

BT Cloud Thumbnail icon

The files will also be visible through any device connected to your BT Cloud service. To find them on other devices, select the BT Cloud Sync folder.

Via the BT Cloud mobile application

To add files to your BT Cloud Sync folder using an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, simply click on the ‘+’ button.

A pop-up will appear which enables you to select the file type to be added. On iOS, add photos and videos from your Camera Roll and other albums created on your device. On Android devices, add pictures, music, videos and other files from apps on your device.

BT Cloud Thumbnail icon

To help locate and upload 'other files' from an Android device, download one of the many available folder manager applications from Google’s Play Store, such as Android File Manager or Astro File Manager.

Select the files you want to add and they'll be uploaded.

On Android devices, the status bar at the top of the screen will show upload progress.

On iOS devices, upload progress is shown at the bottom of the BT Cloud home page which displays a spinner as selected content is uploaded to your BT Cloud Sync folder. You can also click on this bar to see files as they are being added.

BT Cloud upload progress

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