Why have I got a connection charge?

Connecting a new BT line costs £140 including VAT if you only have a calling plan with us. If you've ordered additional products and services, your connection charge may be discounted.

The charge will be shown on your first bill, so please check this carefully.

Your bill will also include rental charges for either the next month, or next three months - depending on how you pay your bill, as we charge for our services in advance. You can also check your connection charge and other charges online at My BT, once you register.

The connection charge covers work an engineer has done to connect your line. You have to pay the charge whether an engineer had to visit your home or not, as they would have carried out some work elsewhere.

We would have checked your property and told you about the charge before completing your order.

Examples of when you may have to pay the connection charge include:

  • Moving into a new development (despite telephone lines often being pre-fitted, we still need to carry out some work).
  • Taking over a line from cable.
  • Where there's no suitable BT line available in your property.
  • There's no dialling tone on an existing line.
  • You've been disconnected for non-payment in the past.

Need help understanding your bill? Our step-by-step Bill Explainer answers all the common queries we receive:

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