What's a late payment charge?

Each time you don't pay by the date given on the bill, you'll have to pay a late payment charge of £7.50. The Failed Payment Charge, if there’s not enough money in your bank account to cover your Direct Debit or cheque payment, is £10.00 per occasion

The payment charge will appear in the 'One-off charges' (old bill) and 'Account charges' (new bill) section of your next bill.

You can pay your bill immediately online with a credit or debit card. It's secure, quick and easy.

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How do I avoid a late payment charge on my BT bill?

You can avoid a late payment charge by paying your bill within five days of the date of a payment reminder bill (red bill). You can check we've received your payment online at My BT >

You'll need to create a BT ID at My BT using your email address and account number, which you’ll find at the top of your latest bill. If you've already registered to manage your account online, simply log in with your BT ID.

You can also avoid hassle paying in the future by setting up a regular payment method. By switching to Monthly Payment Plan or Whole Bill Direct Debit, you'll know that your bank will pay your bill when it's due.

Set up a Direct Debit online now at My BT or call our automated line on 0800 44 33 11. Please have your bank details to hand.

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