Your BT bill explained

Accessing your bill


View your bill online in My BT.  Copies of your bills are stored online in your My BT account for 15 months


What's on your bill

Find your bill total either:

  • on the top of your bill (for paper or PDF bills)
  • at the end of your bill (for online bills)

The due date is next to the bill total. This is the date your direct debit will be paid (or the due date if you pay another way).

1. Your package charges: regular charges and what you’ve used

The cost for each package/service is the total of two types of charges:

  • 'Your regular charges': the fixed price of your product and add-ons for the next billing period/month (we charge for services in advance) 
  • 'What you've used': charges for any TV, broadband or phone usage outside your plan, for example phone calls to premium rate numbers, using data abroad, or if you've bought TV or a film on-demand

2. Other charges

‘Other charges’ are one-off charges such as equipment, late payments fees and engineer visits. 

3. What's happened since your last bill 

The 'What's happened since your last bill' section wlll show:

  • any changes to your packages, for example if you've removed an add-on or added an extra plan 
  • refunds or credits to your  bill
  • your payments

You can find your BT account number either:

  • online at the top of your My BT homepage 
  • on your bank statement as your direct debit pyment reference

The account number is usually two letters and eight numbers (for example, EA12345678) but can also be ten numbers.

For security reasons we can't give out account numbers over the phone, but you can ask us to send you your account number by post.

Online account


Paper bill


Find your current plan/package for each product/service under the 'Your regular charges' section for that product. For example, your calling plan will be under the 'BT Mobile' section of your bill under 'Your regular charges'.

Check what's included in your plan in the 'Your products' section of My BT.

Checking your charges

Your first bill after joining BT or after you’ve changed packages might be different than you expected. For example, the same product is on your bill twice. This usually isn’t a mistake but how we calculate charges. You next bill should be as you expected.

Before getting in touch, check how we charge for new products, service or customers.

The 'What's happened since your last bill' wlll show any changes to your packages. 

In most cases, if your bill looks different than usual - for example there are duplicate charges or it's higher than you expected - it's because your product has changed. 

Before you getting in touch, check common reasons your bill may be different than usual such as:

  • it's your first bill
  • you've added or removed a package
  • a discount is no longer being applied
  • we've changed the name of a package 

You should check:

  • what calls, tv or data you’ve been charged for because it’s not included as part of your plan (in the ‘What you’ve used’ section)
  • one-off charges for equipment or engineer visits (in the ‘Account charges’ section)
  • discounts or special offers - your discount period may have ended (if you got one)
  • whether you still owe money from a previous bill (the ‘Previous balance’)
  • your contract end date - if your contract has ended you’ll still get service, but the price may change

Reducing how much you spend

You can add, change or remove your packages if you keeping spending outside of your package, or you need to reduce your overall bill:

You can change online:

You may get charged a cancellation fee if you cancel a product earlier than your contract allows. Changing products may mean you need to start a new contract, or extend your current contract. 


Calls to 0871 and 0900 numbers are often used as premium rate support lines.  You can find out who these calls were to by using the PSA number checker

Paying your bill

Your direct debit will be taken automatically, if you have set one up.

You can also pay your own or someone else's bill by debit or credit card - you don't need to log in 

More ways to pay

Set up a Direct Debit 

Set up a Direct Debit in the 'Payment Method' section of your latest bill  at My BT or call us on 0800 44 33 11.



Get in touch with us as soon as possible if you need more time to pay your bill, or you’re unable to pay.

We’ll work out the best way to help you. You may get late payment charges and penalties if you don’t contact us.

Get in touch at 0800 800 150.

Leaving BT

How you pay your final bill depends on your payment type:

  • Direct Debit: if you owe us something, we'll take the full amount as normal and you don't need to cancel your Direct Debit 
  • Monthly Payment Plan: we'll send you a final bill and tell you on this how you can pay  - we will not take any payments from your  account after your account has been closed
  • Cash or cheque: if you owe us something on your final bill, you can pay us in the same way as normal 

As usual, you don't need to tell us you've paid.

You'll receive your refund within two weeks of your final bill.

You'll get your refund via your last payment method. 

From most BT services, you'll get a cancellation charge if you leave BT before the end of your contract.

Find out more about cancellation charges.

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