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The core BT icon set has 200 icons. They’re designed to be purely functional symbols. They shouldn’t be used as decorative elements, quasi-logos, or to try to illustrate or tell stories.

Icon examples

The full icon set

You can view the full set on the Icons page at Brand Central. If you need an icon that isn’t included in the core set, speak to the brand team at Only Group Brand can add icons to the set, so please don’t invent your own.


Icons are a functional tool to provide simple navigation or instructions. They’re not to be used as decoration, or alongside text to emphasise a point. Always consider the context the icons are being applied to. Icons are used to communicate a function, and in most cases should be used be accompanied by a label to make their intended function clear. However, a small number of instantly recognisable icons – such as ‘play’ buttons – can be used on their own without a label.


  Correct use

Icons should be used with labels to add clarity or context to the meaning of the icon (for example, on a product dashboard).

  Correct use

If an icon is widely used and clearly understandable by both BT and non-BT customers, it is acceptable to use it without a label.

X Incorrect use

Icons should not be used to illustrate paragraphs or sections of content.