We’re welcoming you to the heart of the UK’s digital ecosystem.

If you’re looking for a technology career that pushes the boundaries of what is possible, you’ll find it at Adastral Park in Ipswich. It’s recognised as one of the leading centres of technical innovation in the world and is where the boundaries of our BT technology have been pushed for over four decades.

The 100-acre site is home to BT’s innovation labs, educational outreach initiatives and 150 other high-tech telecommunication and technology collaborators bringing about the biggest breakthroughs in digital and communications. At the Adastral Park campus, you’ll find the national operation centre, test facilities and a global research and development facilities with a thriving colleague community that’s growing all the time.

The campus currently welcomes 4,000 scientists, IT experts and engineers to a working atmosphere in which they can thrive with the latest technology and state of the art facilities. Could you join us there?

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Best place to work

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The outstanding world-class facilities mean that you’re at the centre of scientific breakthroughs making a true impact worldwide.

From fast copper systems to ultra-high capacity core networks, at Adastral Park you’ll find yourself at the centre of scientific breakthrough and experimentation with links to over 40 universities as well as industry collaborations.

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With new labs and an independent Future Networks Research Centre being built, what we can do is only expanding. Ipswich too is growing, with a multi-million pound investment in the town’s infrastructure and facilities. 

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Life at Adastral Park means a great range of amenities from places to eat, clubs and societies, to woodland trails for a lunchtime walkabout.

Adastral Park campus features places to eat, shop, an onsite vehicle workshop, leisure centre, careers library and electric vehicle charging points. There’s also over 20 social and fitness clubs for residents and their families in everything from golf to karate to photography. 

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Apprentices and graduates can find amazing opportunities here to start their careers at a truly exciting place to learn and work.

BT has over 30 different early careers programmes and many of them are available at Adastral Park. From software development to data analysis, you could build a prosperous and fulfilling career at a global headquarters for tech innovation and research. 

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It’s not just about the technology of the future, but the next generation of technologists who will create them.

That’s why the campus hosts around 6,000 students and teachers each year, inspiring young minds to develop skills and consider futures in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) careers. 

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A thriving hub of like-minded individuals collaborating and sharing knowledge and expertise…one of the most famous telecoms and computing addresses.

Prof. Tim Whitley MD Applied Research and MD Adastral Park, BT

The insider's view

We’re already at the heart of the UK’s technology ecosystem, with our research campus contributing £750m to the local economy. Hear stories from our people about life at Adastral Park.

At BT, we connect for good. Hear from our colleagues in the UK and around the world just what that means to them.

Adastral Park, Ipswich

BT Research & Development at Adastral Park

For over 170 years, BT have pioneered the technologies that built the modern world and that innovation continues to this day. 

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BT finds the best new technology through partnerships with 40 of the world’s leading universities, 150 companies, government bodies and a worldwide scouting network. Each year Adastral Park attracts 50,000 visitors from outside our organisation to experience the cutting edge of digital communications. 

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BT have been the UK’s third biggest investors in research and development over the last decade, with £2.5 billion invested in the last five years. In a digital role at BT, you can work with truly award-winning innovation and world-first tech achievements.   


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BT have been one of the UK’s biggest investors in research and development over the last decade with £2.5 billion invested in the last five years. In a digital role at BT, you can work with truly award-winning innovation and world-first tech achievements.   

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There’s never been a better time to join BT. We’re changing how we do things to make our processes simpler and more efficient than ever before. On top of that, we’re investing in our workplaces so our people can have amazing experiences every day and achieve their best.

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Looking out for the safety of our people

While COVID-19 remains a concern, we are ensuring the safety of site residents through managing numbers of people on-site and using the Adastral Park app to keep colleagues notified. 

Our BT journey exploring new innovation continues and we can’t wait to welcome you.
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