Profile photo of Tom Culley
Profile photo of Tom Culley

We've had a chat with Tom who's been enjoying his apprenticeship at BT. He told us the reasons why he chose BT and Technology to pursue his career.

What’s it been like working at BT?

It has been massively eye-opening to see the range of different parts that make BT Technology run and also to be part of a community that values and invests in volunteering and encouraging employees to get involved in things outside of the office. I have been supported with absolutely everything I have wanted to do since I started working at BT.

Why did you choose Technology?

In my day-to-day role, no single day is the same. I am challenged everyday which means I have learnt so much over such a small amount of time and have been supported amazingly by my team. Every day, I have the job of working on our 21CN network which is the network of routers that enables telecommunication across the whole of the UK.

Why did you choose an Apprenticeship?

I chose an apprenticeship as I believe that I can learn so much more as a Degree Apprentice rather than taking the traditional full-time university route. I am able to study similarly as a full-time student yet I am able to transfer this learning into the practical environment and turn it into something real with BT.

What are the biggest advantages of doing an apprenticeship?

The biggest advantages of doing an apprenticeship are that I am able to study and work at the same time and solidify my study in the real world. When I finish my apprenticeship, I will have 4 years of real work experience, a BSc in Digital & Technology Solutions and no student debt! It’s almost hard to believe this is possible.

Can you share an interesting project you’ve worked on?

A project I soon got involved with after starting at BT has been applying to become a BT Apprentice Attraction Lead where I was successful and also becoming a Young Apprentice Ambassador with the Government Apprenticeship Service. This means that I visit schools all across the London region to speak to students about the opportunities available at BT and also the benefits of choosing an Apprenticeship in general. I massively enjoy this and hope that other young people will choose the apprenticeship route like I did.

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