Photo of Sofija
Photo of Sofija

Sofija joined us just over 6 months ago, as an apprentice in Business Management. We've a had a chat to her to see how she's enjoying her apprenticeship.

What did you want to be when you were 5 years old?


How did you find out about apprenticeships at BT?

I knew that a big business like BT is doing various career development schemes. I basically googled “BT degree apprenticeships”.

What made you apply and why did you choose this scheme?

Since I discovered my passion for business studies, I decided to continue my academic career through business management (Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship) scheme because it covers all main parts of the business. I applied because BT is a well-established business and people who work here are professionals. I knew before I joined that I will be in good hands and will be able to learn from the best!

What is your day-to-day like?

There are some everyday tasks such as emailing people, organising meetings and participating in various calls, but there are also various projects, problem-solving situations and events that make every day slightly different from others.

Favourite project you’ve worked so far?

University assignments that need to be related to your work (BT) are very exciting. I am currently writing up a research report about BT’s organisational culture and how it affects employee satisfaction. The most exciting thing is that I have an opportunity to apply my research in real life and use it for a good purpose.

How is BT supporting you in your career/apprenticeship?

There are various sources of support available. My manager and the team help me to develop new skills, provide training opportunities and help me with daily work. HR provides me with information about BT, different business units, learning opportunities that do not necessarily relate to my work but would benefit my career and supports me through my academic development. At BT there are unlimited opportunities to join events, masterclasses and training sessions that will meet everyone's interests.

What is the biggest misconception about apprenticeships that you realise is untrue?

Before I join the CMDA scheme, people thought that apprentices carry over simple tasks and do not receive any authority when it comes to decision making. This is not true. At BT people believe and trust apprentices and there are a lot of opportunities to run individual projects and make a change in the business.

Three words to describe your experience?

Brilliant. Exciting. Unique.

If you're interested in an apprenticeship at BT, our schemes are still open for applications but not for much longer! Click the here to learn more our programmes.

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