Shipra joined us a few months ago and was onboarded virtually. We had a quick chat with her to see how she’s adjusting to the business and the (virtual) support she has been receiving since joining.

Tell us something about yourself

I am Shipra Trivedi. I joined BT as 2nd Line Voice engineer in 2020. I have over 6+ years of experience in Contact Centre domain.

What are your thoughts on BT?

It’s a great honour to be a part of one of the top notch companies of the world having the values such as Simple, Personal, Brilliant and I am highly convinced that it is true from the experience that I have had with BT from the very first day of the selection process.

How was the overall process of selection during these tough times?

While the economy was struggling from the impact of coronavirus and many companies shut down, I was given this opportunity to join BT. The entire process of transition from candidature to employee was very smooth that included HR calls to a (Microsoft) Teams interview, to an email confirmation ,everything happened smoothly allowing me to be safe at home. Undoubtedly, it was very well planned and executed, making it easier for the candidate.

What support did you receive in terms of receiving equipment and induction?

BT helped me by delivering equipment and apparel (laptop, wireless headsets, backpack, and furniture) at my doorstep providing a great experience. And, after that I was given an induction virtually at my home comfort.

Moreover, I have been well supported by managers and HR, and I was given a proper project training. I really liked the user-interface of the training page as well as the intranet page.

What is the role of management in creating healthy work environment?

Managers are really co-operative and provide their full support to each and every employee to the best of their efforts.

Apart from work, there are colossal amount of activities to develop the healthy bond among the team. I am really enjoying the Monday funs and I really like how my managers are always motivating us to participate.

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