Profile photo of Seriya
Profile photo of Seriya

Seriya joined us as an HR graduate a few months ago but is already responsible for a few projects. We've had a chat with her to find out how she's enjoying her first few months at BT and the varied options you have when you follow a career in Human Resources.

What’s your role?

HR Graduate – working in the Leadership, Talent and Diversity Team 

Why did you choose BT?

I chose BT because I have an aunt that has been working at BT her whole life – she really promoted it to me as a company that cares about their employees – I thought that was a really important aspect when joining a grad scheme.

How are you enjoying the graduate scheme?

I am really enjoying my time here, I have given real responsibility and was leading on some activities within the first month! I am treated as an equal to my team. The social aspect in the grad community is also really fun!

Why is HR important for an organisation?

HR is at the heart of every business – the employees are what keeps the company going and HR is making sure our employees can keep making sure our business progresses 

How important is HR at BT?

HR at BT is extremely important – from the early careers team to the HRBP’s (HR Business Partner), everyone in a HR team at BT is responsible for something major – our people!

What are the main benefits of the graduate scheme at BT?

You are able to rotate – find out what you do like and sometimes what you don’t like, which is important to shaping your career. We are valued like the rest of our teams and are given real responsibilities. The grad community here is amazing – you can ask anyone for help. The training we are offered helps ease us into the role. 

As an HR graduate what career can you pursue?

I can go into all areas of HR, including business partnering, early careers, leadership, recruitment, analytics ect – there are no limits here.

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