Photo of Nick
Photo of Nick

Nick joined us 6 months ago as an IT & Telecoms apprentice. Based in Manchester, we've caught up with him to see how he's enjoying his apprenticeship and BT.

What are your key duties in your current role?

Within my current role, I am responsible for presenting data and statistics to provide a focal point in working towards our team objectives. This can assist with decision making and give indications of where we have made progress and where we need to improve. As well as this, I contribute to improving the overall customer journey and participate in different stages of this journey by commencing orders, passing them through planning and ensuring delivery is as smooth as possible.

Why did you choose your BT apprenticeship programme over university?

I chose the apprenticeship over university as I was keen to get into the workplace as soon as possible whilst walking towards a formal qualification. BT gave me the opportunity to do this.

How have you benefited from your BT apprenticeship?

I have benefited from my apprenticeship as I have had the chance to practice and develop skills I already had as well as being given the opportunity to learn new skills. I am able to learn from experienced people which has contributed to my extending my knowledge of my working area. 

What has been your biggest achievement while on the BT apprenticeship programme?

So far, my biggest achievement has been the implementation of one of my pieces of work. I created a dashboard for a team which made it easily visible to see team performance and identify areas which could be improved upon and which areas deserved praise. I was proud of this as my contribution had led to a positive end product.  

What is it like to work as an apprentice in the enterprise division of BT?

My apprenticeship experience to this date has been encouraging as I have the ability to test myself and learn new things day to day within the company. My university course is challenging however, of course, this is a good thing! 

What are your career aspirations for after the apprenticeship?

Upon my apprenticeship completion, I am confident that I will be at a point in my career where I have a varied understanding of different areas within Enterprise and how they play a part in contributing to BT’s objectives. I plan to use this and hopefully be able to enrol onto the Future Leaders programme to further progress and become that one step closer to achieving my career aims. This is the plan anyway!

Would you recommend your apprenticeship to other people?

I would definitely recommend my apprenticeship (and already have done) to other people. When working for a company like BT, you start to see the opportunities that that there are and it is important to emphasise this both in the short term and long term. So far, I have certainly felt my own aspirations can be fulfilled within BT.

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