Mahtalat Sheikh shares with us what she's been up to since joining BT in India, what's coming next, and what her future ambitions are for her career.

Tell us something about yourself

I am Mahtalat Sheikh and I joined BT Enterprise back in July 2018 as a Technical Server Manager. I have 16+ years of experience in managing various IT infrastructure functions like service desk infrastructure, operations, production and implementation.

Thoughts on BT so far…

It has been a great opportunity to be a part of such a diverse organisation. Our values to be Simple, Personal and Brilliant make us stand apart from the rest of the world and telecommunications industry. 

How has your BT journey evolved?

My first stint operation with BT Enterprise was to setup a second line server team in Kolkata. This was a 24/7 operations team consisting of nine full-time staff. It was an enriching experience to setup a new process along with meeting customers’ requirements and providing uninterrupted support round the clock. As a manager, I feel no two days were ever the same. There were always new challenges that kept me on my toes. It took around six months to fully setup the process. Over time we matured as a team and absorbed new work packages. Further down this journey, I am managing multiple teams that gives me cross-functional exposure and varied skills to acquire.

What has the management support been like?

Our leaders are challenging but supportive; where we celebrate success; where we are able to learn as we grow and where our people make customers feel valued by delivering great experiences - at its heart are our values and they guide our decisions and behaviours. Our values capture the spirit of BT at its absolute best.         

What does your current role look like on a day to day basis?

I manage server, tooling, and event management teams under technical services. The role demands a lot of people interaction including our colleagues, stakeholder and senior management teams. My current role is challenging, which helps me to be more creative, whilst building the level of confidence and skillset to be able to set some tough career goals and achieve them. My role is also dynamic, which helps me to evolve and innovate.

What impact does BT have in India with your Enterprise customers?

India is a strategic site for BT Enterprise. We offer various support from service operations, service delivery, technical services, to service transition and control for over 4000 customers, whilst providing out of hours support. 

What do you love about your job?

Collaboration - I love my job because everyone shares the same vision and are dedicated to the mission of delivering standout customer experience. The tasks are personally challenging and match my career goals. I get great satisfaction being in a role where I can make a small difference in achieving organisation goals and objectives. 

What has been the most exciting project you’ve worked on?

I have worked on various important projects throughout my career. What's really crucial for me when starting a project is to become very clear on the goals from the start and then create a plan with milestones. An example would be my current project of setting up a new team of software developers. This is a completely new domain and I had to carry out some research to enhance my skills. It is interesting and challenging as this will add on to capability matrix for the India team.

What’s next for you and your team?

I have always been an energetic and ambitious worker. Throughout my work history, this energy has shown itself in my upbeat attitude and ability to keep busy. Work has always been about more than a to-do list for me. I would want my team to be equally passionate and deliver the best customer experience, whilst driving a culture where we grow together by means of regular brainstorming, leading to innovation and efficiency. At the same time, I would like to continuously upskill myself along with my team members to enhance the quality of delivery and be the best in class.

What are your ambitions and passions for your career?

I want to see myself in a strategic leader role where I can express a strategic vision for the organization and motivate and persuade others to acquire that vision. I would like to apply my strategic thinking that will include careful and deliberate anticipation of threats and vulnerabilities to guard against and opportunities to help the organization evolve. I am passionate about embracing the latest skills in technology, focusing primarily on digital innovation.

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