Photo of Lucy
Photo of Lucy

Lucy has been thriving in her cyber security apprenticeship, one of the most exciting areas of our business. We've had a chat with her to find out why she chose this scheme and how is she finding this experience.

What did you want to be when you’re 10 years old?

Like most other 10-year-old my career choice changed every day depending on how I was feeling on that day. The main two were between a doctor and a teacher – I think these career ideas both stemmed from my interest in helping people and enjoying learning.

What made you apply for an apprenticeship?

At the time of leaving school I did not feel University was the path that I wanted to go down, while looking for an alternative career path I came across a variety of apprenticeships offered by BT. One of the best things I identified about BT apprenticeship’s was the opportunity to pick up a plethora of new skills in the workplace, as well as developing my technical knowledge attending university.

Why Cyber Security?

My knowledge at the beginning on Cyber Security was minimal, so straight away I thought that it could be a potential struggle. That’s where I was wrong! With the support of the university, my colleagues and people in the wider BT I progressed extremely well. 

Tell us about your apprenticeship?

My dad has worked in BT for over 20 years and truly enjoys his job, he introduced me to the BT Apprenticeship Scheme. During school I wasn’t 100% sure that University would be the best option for me, but felt pressured into it as teachers said it was the only way to achieve a prosperous career. After researching what BT had to offer, then attending a ‘Getting to Know You Event’ in Edinburgh I knew I was making the right choice! Within my apprenticeship I attend University one week a month - this was perfect for me as its block learning. It also means I get three weeks where I can develop my security skills and get involved with areas such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), Threat Intelligence and other operational areas. Looking back now I’m so glad I chose this apprenticeship!

What is one of the best aspects of your job?

In my current role, I regularly communicate and deal with various other sectors within BT. I also work on a number of new innovative products and projects – these products and projects are helping shape the way BT manages and sells security services to our customers. 

What are the main benefits of doing an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are structured programmes created by organisations like BT which give you a chance to work towards a qualification. They also help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in your chosen industry. For me, an apprenticeship was the best way.

Can you balance your work life with your studies?

Definitely! In the beginning it can be quite challenging to balance the workload with studies but once you find the correct personal balance it becomes second nature. Combining these aspects proved to be beneficial as it gave me the relevant skills to prioritise my assignments both effortlessly and efficiently.

Three words to describe your apprenticeship?

Enlightening. Rewarding. Fulfilling.  

Lucy gave an excellent overview of being a cyber security apprentice. Interested? Click the here

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