Profile photo of Leena
Profile photo of Leena

We caught up with Leena to talk about her role in our Global Sales Enablement team.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Leena Vasudevan and I'm based in BT Malaysia. I love travel and photography and I also occasionally blog about it.

Tell us about what do you do and where in BT you work?

I work in BT Global as a part of the Global Sales Enablement. Essentially, I help design and implement sales training strategies across BT globally. I also pick up several side projects on a regular basis – including designing, implementing and managing BT Global Sales Enablement team’s digital strategy and presence.

Tell us about how BT has supported you to have the career you hoped for?

I’ve had incredible managers and mentors across BT. I’ve had the opportunity to meet and build relationships with loads of people which means I’ve had the chance to learn various aspects of the business. This has resulted in landing a much coveted position in the GSE team.

What’s been a recent proud work achievement for you?

One of my recent work achievements that I am incredibly proud of is the design and implementation of our virtual enablement request centre. I’ve had the chance to design an online “front door” system for all enablement requests at BT. This saves our customer’s time in figuring out who to reach out to as well as saves the team time and thought on how each request is filtered. It’s been an interesting time in learning how workstack management and web development works as well as learning how we can further improve and virtualize existing processes.

What do you love about working in your team?

I work on a small team spread across the globe. I love that I can reach out to any of them throughout my journey at BT and have my questions be met with enthusiasm and a willingness to teach.

What advice would you offer to someone like you who was considering a career with BT?

I think one of the biggest things I’ve learned at BT is that you have to be willing to ask for what you want to work on. I would never have had the projects I’ve worked on this early in my career if I’d not shown the initiative to grow my potential. I also would encourage people to be open to change. We are in the information age and that means we are constantly changing and growing. Now, working in a technology company allows us to be in the heart of it.

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