We chat to Katie about her Business Management Graduate Programme experience and her career plans now she’s rolling off the scheme

Tell us briefly about yourself, where you are based and your role in BT.

I’m based in Hong Kong, and joined BT in September 2018. Currently, I’m working as a business management graduate and will be rolling off my programme in late September 2020. From there, I’ll be moving to join the Marketing team in BT Centre in London.

Why did you decide to join BT’s Graduate Programme?

I decided to join the BT graduate programme as it consists of 4 different rotations, which means I get to have a taste of different business units and functions. It really allows me to understand how the company operates and learn about all aspects of the business, and the programme provides a lot of flexibility as to which specific area I would like to try. Other than that, the graduate programme provides lots of different support and activities, such as the orientation week in London, the Leadership Week in Malaysia and various virtual training platforms.

I get to work with lots of different people across the business and outside of BT as well, which gives me hands-on exposure. My programme also allows me to meet graduates that are outside of my region; the international exposure is one of the things that encouraged me to join the programme.

Looking at the bigger picture, BT is a multinational telecommunication company, and I’m keen to gain a deeper insight of the industry itself. 

How have you benefited from your BT Graduate Programme so far?

I’ve gained lot of industry knowledge, as well as about the network within and outside of my region. With the hands-on experience I am exposed to, I’ve learnt to be adaptable in different environments. It also has helped me to develop a clearer career progression as it’s led to me discovering my interest in Marketing. 

If you had to choose one favourite thing about the BT graduate scheme what would it be?

The international exposure – the orientation week, leadership week and virtual training sessions have allowed me to connect with graduates around the world.

What have you learned from your time on secondment?

Too much to say! I don’t know where to start. Having the chance to enter the Digital world and learn about the different, progressive ways of working has been fantastic. There’s a huge amount of innovation across the entire team and even just filming and editing it has opened my eyes to say the least. 

Three words to describe your graduate programme experience.

Immersive, motivating, stimulating.

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