Photo of James Franklin
Photo of James Franklin

 James is an apprentice in engineering and was having a normal day until he came across a pregnant lady who had fallen off her motorbike.

​What do you do for BT?

I’m an apprentice engineer for Enterprise. I’m based in Devon and Cornwall and install telephone systems, cloud phones and networks. I programme the systems ready for Session Initiation Protocols (SIPs). This is used to convert voice into data that goes out over the network. SIPs basically improve the service for our customers and are more cost-effective for us because they replace the need to use a Public Switch Telephone Network (i.e. copper lines).

What happened on the day you helped the pregnant lady?

I had just driven out of the exchange in Whitley. As I pulled onto a busy round-about near the exchange I saw a woman fall off her bike. Instincts kicked in and I used my van to block the traffic coming near her. I asked someone nearby to call an ambulance while I went over to the lady to see if she was OK. It was raining, so I gave her my jacket to keep warm, and put my waterproof over her to keep her dry.

And was she ok?

After she was in the hospital, I grabbed myself a sandwich and went back to the exchange to finish my day's work as usual.

How did you know what to do?

I'm a Scout leader and I'm trained in first aid. I also help run Ten Tors, which is for kids aged 13-24 who spend 48 hours in the Moorlands and are trained to survive in the wilderness. I've helped a number of people in situations like this, so my training and instincts kicked in.  

Have you hear from the lady since?

Yes, she actually emailed me and my team to say thank you. She really didn't need to - all I cared about was making sure that she and her baby were OK.

*Story originally published on BT's internal newsletter.

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