Profile photo of Lisa
Profile photo of Lisa

Lisa’s worked for BT for nearly 9 years, working her way up from a Customer Service Advisor to a Sales Manager. We caught up with her to find out a bit more about life in BT and what life is like in our Sales team and how she got there.

When she left college, Lisa wasn’t sure where she wanted to go with her career and fell into a job in our Customer Service team, looking after our mobile customers. “I had no clue as to where I was going to go or the potential career ahead of me” she told us. But, as she settled into her role and was performing really well against all of her targets, her managers encouraged her to start taking charge of her career and looking for bigger roles.

With people moving on, Lisa noticed there were some leadership gaps in the team and that was where she was aiming for. To make sure she got there “was a mix of formal and informal support from my managers”. She made sure she showed a keen interest in the roles, learnt what was needed to be successful and managed to start working her way up through the ranks.

When looking for her next step Lisa realised that she loved working with customers and, when a vacancy came up for an Account Manager looking after our business clients, she jumped at the chance. It’s a role she really thrived in, hitting her targets and gaining valuable experience. “Over the years I’ve matured into my roles. I’ve had an increased sense of self-awareness and growth and learnt to handle loss of deals so I can handle the bad as well as the good”.

After 6 years as a successful Account Manager the Sales Manager opportunity came up. Again, Lisa worked with her Managers to find out more about the role and to make sure she was well positioned to take it. All the while, she worked on a high-profile project alongside her day job, which helped raise her profile in the business and get her noticed.

Lisa now looks after a team of seven Sales people, who’s clients are mid-market corporations, based out of our Liverpool office. She’s proud of the team she’s growing around her and spends a lot of time focussing on their development – giving them the same support and encouragement she had throughout her career here. Talking about her approach to leading the team, she says “I have a person by person approach and focus on the strengths and skills each individual brings to the role. They’re all valued team members”. And so far, so good. The team are in a great position to smash their targets. 

And when we asked Lisa what she would say to someone considering a Sales role in BT she said “it’s a massive opportunity. It’s such a huge company looking after such a variety of business customers – from small start-ups right through to multi-nationals – that you’ll have the chance to move around teams and see what works for you. And all the while you’ll have the security of working for a huge company. It’s a great balance”

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to join Lisa and the team, click here to find out more about sales roles in our Business & Public Sector division.

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