Profile photo of Emma
Profile photo of Emma

We caught up with Emma, a mum of three and Product Manager in our B2B division.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

Dance was a huge part of my life and I once danced stage at The London Palladium!

Tell us about what do you do and where in BT you work?

I am a Broadband Product Manager working with Business customers within the B2B division in BT. My job is to help ensure the smooth running of the broadband product bought by business customers, mainly within the Small to Medium Enterprise space.

Tell us about how BT has supported you to have the career you hoped for?

As a working mum of 3 young children, I am always amazed that I have managed to maintain a meaningful and successful career thanks to the flexibility and opportunities that have been presented to me at BT. Great managers who care about my career developments whilst balancing my important home life have meant that I haven’t needed to sacrifice one for the other, you can have the career you hoped for and raise a family.

What’s been a recent proud work achievement for you?

Enterprise winner for my role in the cross portfolio engagement required to deliver a new bundled customer proposition.

What do you love about working in your team?

I am new to the team and have felt extremely supported in my mission to develop product understanding. In a very busy working environment the whole team from Manager to Product Specialists have found the time to coach and support me during these all important first few months. I feel there is an understanding that investing in my development in the short term will have a benefit to the team long term – let’s hope I prove them right!

What excites you about BT’s future?

The fundamental role that BT takes in the infrastructure and capabilities which will be vital in my children’s future is something I’m in owe of. The world is changing and technology is at the centre of that. I’m excited that BT is a driving force behind what will shape the countries technological landscape.

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