Profile photo of Edward Farragher
Profile photo of Edward Farragher

We caught up with Edward who is one of our insight analysts to give us some trusted insights into his role and career at BT.

What do you do and where in BT you work?

I work in the Analytics team at BT. We are responsible for bringing together BT’s vast data sources, to provide insight and recommendations to BT Consumer, including to the Marketing, Commercial and Digital areas. We analyse customer’s behaviours and profile, and build predictive models using a range of analytical and statistical techniques to support decision making and ultimately drive revenue for BT.

How did you join BT?

I joined BT as an Insight Analyst with a background in Mathematics and Statistics, and previous experience working in digital marketing and the telecommunications industry.

How your career has progressed or changed at BT?

I initially joined as an Insight Analyst supporting the retention marketing team, to help them understand the customer base and support with trading analysis. This year I have moved to work more on modelling, statistics and Data Science.

How BT has supported you to have the career you hoped for?

I’ve always wanted to progress and develop my statistical and modelling skills. BT helped accommodate this by providing the opportunity to transition my role from offline customer analytics, to statistics and modelling. I’m extremely grateful to BT for this opportunity, I’ve learnt and progressed a great deal in this transition and aim to continue developing further.

In addition to this, my team has a structured cross skilling programme which encourages and facilities people to learn about all areas of Analytics, from working with digital analytics platforms, SQL and EDW, to statistics, modelling and Data Science.

There’s also the wider BT Academy with a wealth of information, resources and training to help develop in a range of areas.

What advice would you offer to someone who was considering a career with BT?

Make the most out of joining such a large established company. There are opportunities for exposure to all areas of the business, from trips to the BT Studios in Stratford, visiting call centres, and also the technology innovation side of the business at Adastral Park. Keep an eye out for events raised on the intranet.

What’s been your best moment at BT?

I’ve enjoyed lots of great moments at BT including attending a performance by an acoustic musician at the top of BT Tower, being an extra in a BT Sport advert and volunteering with BT and Unicef at the Royal Albert Hall.

However my best moment has to be going to the 2018 Europa League final in Lyon as part of a recognition reward. It was brilliant game between Atletico Madrid and Marseille, and a fantastic atmosphere too – great experience. I look forward to continuing making the most of my time at BT by getting involved in as much events as possible.

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