Profile photo of Cristina
Profile photo of Cristina

Cristina is one of our graduates based in Bristol. As a Robotic Process Automation graduate she shares the role of BT in this digital world and the role of women in technology.

What’s your role?

My role as a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) graduate will be Project Manager; and I say will be because I am still learning about the projects and processes the RPA team are development at the moment therefore, even though I am actively engaging with those projects I am not fully managing them. My main responsibilities are making sure the team is aware of any changes within the projects, keeping up with the weekly calls, sending emails and reminders and keeping up to date our documents with new figures and data.

Why did you choose BT?

I chose BT because I have always been interested in innovation and technology as well as being part of a big company. I believe technology is the way forward and, is just not the future, but the present. At the moment, we are experiencing the waves of change that will take us onto the 4th Industrial revolution and, as a very ambitious graduate, I would like to take part on that. BT is the largest tech company in the UK and Adastral park in Ipswich is the largest and most prestigious technology and innovation park in Europe, hence the excitement when I got offered the job! If there is a company that will drive us to a better innovative future, that is BT.

How are you enjoying the graduate scheme?

I am loving it! I have never been challenged like this before; my team is amazing and they understand I am still new to the team and the company so, even though I am challenged to take on some responsibilities, they are always there to support me and guide me. I could not have asked for a better team to start my career at BT!

What does RPA actually mean?

“Robotic Process Automation or RPA is where we take simple, repetitive, mundane tasks that humans do and we train software robots to perform those activities instead. The benefits to the employee are a more interesting job with fewer mundane tasks and more time to deal with customers or more complex issues” (Feaviour, 2019) For example, our latest figures show that our Robots have worked 6600 hours, completing 1162,000 transactions, saving 26,000 humans hours on repetitive jobs and saving the company over £830,000!! That’s a lot of money!

Why is it important to have more women in technology?

I believe we need more people in technology regardless of gender; but I also believe women tend to see, approach and solve issues differently than men would, which I think can be positive on a mixed environment. I believe the more diverse the team is the richer will be as different backgrounds, experiences and ways of working and thinking will help us think outside of the box and see the big picture. I also think there are some industries which women are the demographic those products and services are focused on and are not necessarily as technological and innovative as they could be such as breast pumps, pregnancy tests, ovulation tracking tools, etc. If more women were to choose a career in technology, we would be a step closer to making a better world not just for young girls but for society as a whole.

What are the main benefits of the graduate scheme at BT?

The main one is definitely, opportunities for learning and growth; BT has an extraordinary section available for graduates on the intranet called the Academy, where everyone can go and learn new skills, tools or material about any subject within BT, from communication, stakeholder management, to basic coding, SharePoint and software development. Similarly, one aspect that makes BT unique is the infinite career options you get from working in one of the largest companies in the UK; I can start in RPA and the move to HR, Strategy, Sales, Finance and so on... They will always support you and your wishes to try new things which will help you understand different parts of the business and how they add value and subsequently, have a holistic understanding of the company and evolve and develop personally and professionally within the organisation better and further.

What is the role of BT in technology?

BT has always been a pioneer in technology and innovation; we are trusted by government, Small and Medium Enterprise, Large corporations and multinationals, not just because of our excellent broadband and mobile coverage, but for our cutting edge security systems that protect us all for hacks and malicious viruses from all over the world. We are investing more in innovation and development than any other UK company and also creating a better brighter future for younger generations by teaching them how to code and helping young girls be more involved in technology.

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