Barry Prescott

Specialist Solution Architect, Barry, shares what he's doing to simplify our sales team and what transferrable skills you'd need to join a team like his.

What do you and your team do?

Currently I work in a team of technical pre-sale and delivery consultants that support BT and, help both internal and external people realise the potential with collaborating with us and get the best solutions in Future Voice & Unified Communications. Personally, I work in the pre-sale side of the team and my function is to unravel what is complex and present to people what we can do in a simplified and easy to understand way. This allows BT sales to sell with confidence and BT customers to buy with confidence. 

What does your day-to-day role consist of?

Day to day for me is very focused around communicating with people. I will take time to understand any challenges that are presented, and then produce documentation including diagrams to support the in overcoming those challenges. 

What do you most enjoy about your role?

My greatest passion is using my technical know-how to benefit others. I enjoy the challenge of speaking with people and getting to know what they are trying to achieve. I can then present something that is focused on their needs as a business and easily understood by all stakeholders.

What’s your favourite project you’ve ever worked on?

Working in technical delivery, I was part of a BT & MobileIron first for having a customer setup using Microsoft Azure and utilising our MobileIron Security product. Being part of the trailblazing experience was immense and overcoming all the challenges that were presented along the way was very rewarding. 

How has your career with BT progressed so far/how has BT supported your career to date?

My career started here through a transfer of undertakings protection of employment (TUPE) and BT’s acquisition of EE. In EE, I was working within a technical delivery team, focused on mobile security, having had several roles preceding that from working in the call centre in Darlington for technical support and contract setup functions. Upon joining, I continued to work in mobile security as a technical delivery person for a couple of years before changing roles to be focused on pre-sales and a change of direction form mobile security to future voice & unified communications. BT is full of opportunity for those who want it and being part of a massive organisation with multiple functions to assist the UK connect for good. I have found that my management team are extremely focused on personal development so that you can make the most out of your career in BT for the benefit of yourself and BT.   

What transferrable skills might people need to join your team?

Passion for doing the right thing for BT and our customers. A good understanding of Internet Protocol (IP) is essential as you take this combination of passion and fundamental understating of IP so you can have the ability to step back from the complexity and simplify for all stake holders. Having a can-do attitude is also massively beneficial as you will have many stakeholders that will need to be engaged so with passion and your can-do attitude will help make the right things happen for BT.

What would you recommend to someone looking to join BT?

I would recommend to someone to have an open mind and be passionate about what they are wanting to do within BT. Also, you have to be daring to drive change where you feel it’s needed.

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