Tell us an interesting fact about yourself Ruoxuan?

I don’t eat garlic, onion if this counts.

Where are you based and what's you role?

Now, I am based in our Shanghai Office, China. My current role is an Inside Sales Grad in AMEA.

What did you study at university?

I have a Master’s degree in Supply Chain and Logistics Management from the University of Warwick in the UK. Before that, I did Engineering at college in China.

How did you learn about the BT graduate programme? And why did you choose BT to kick start your career?

It was last year - I attended a Career Fair in Shanghai which was hosted by University of Warwick. I saw BT was there. Since I had study experience in the UK, I already knew the company, which has an international footprint.

One of my career expectations is to work in an international environment, where you can actually get the global atmosphere, and do business globally. I found at BT I can work with colleagues from different backgrounds, across different regions. This is really something that matters to me at my early career stage.

What are the big benefits of doing a graduate scheme at BT?

I would say the training and guidance. I have already gone through part of my rotation and training; it’s massively insightful and helpful, and I can start to build up a solid knowledge base and develop based on that. People in BT are really nice and supportive, especially when you are a young professional in the company. They love to spend time with you and give you guidance to help you learn and grow. Getting to know all the processes is not easy, but with the help and support I have had from Day1, I am really excited to take on more, and looking forward to what comes next.

As a grad in Inside Sales management, what position are you aiming to progress into?

With the sales flows, I can aim at Account Manager or Account Director if I could be able to nail it! That would be something really exciting.

What’s been a recent proud work achievement for you?

I have successfully finished my rotation with sales operation and pre-sales, and I received some positive feedback. Super excited about my coming sales journey! 


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