Spring cleaning is a process we’re all guilty of putting off. Whether it’s our wardrobes or our bedrooms - everything needs a spruce up from time to time, no matter how much of an inconvenience it might seem. But before you reach for the feather duster and hoover, it might be worth seeing if your online spaces need some attention first…

For anyone searching for a new job, internship or apprenticeship, LinkedIn can be an amazing social platform to help give you a leg-up and put your talents on the map. It’s important your profile reflects who you are and what you can do – which is why this spring, you should make it a priority to give yours some TLC. Here are BT’s top tips when it comes to spring cleaning your profile!

1. The top of your profile seems like a good place to start

Your headline is possibly the most important part on your LinkedIn profile. It is your 120 character pitch to people finding you in a LinkedIn search, so it should be about what you do as opposed to who you are. It should be memorable and intriguing enough for someone to click on your profile and not your competitors.

2. Decide if you need to update your headshot photo - remember: It follows you all over LinkedIn.

Do you look professional and approachable in your headshot? Does that photo still look like you? Get a new headshot every couple of years – and for goodness sake, don’t choose a photograph of you on a wild night out!

3. Make it easy to get in touch with you.

It may sounds obvious, but make sure that all links to your Twitter, Facebook, email, blog, and website actually work! If you want to put a work phone number there too then that’s great. Everyone has their preferred method of communication - the important thing is that you’re accessible.

4. Be sure your ‘Experience’ section reflects the breadth of what you can bring to the table.

Describe the key values you’ve learned in any previous positions and how you cultivated your skills. Talk about successes and big yourself up! Resist acronyms or industry jargon, since people outside your field may be reading. Ensure your’ Summary’ section talks about you, not your company, even if you are the company. This is your personal profile. LinkedIn provides company profile pages elsewhere for describing and marketing the business. Don't intermix and mistake personal with company profiles.

5. Keywords help you get found in search results on LinkedIn.

Recruiters run many searches every day to find people. That’s probably not shocking news to you though. The thing you might not know: Your skills count as keywords. Even if you don’t have a certain word anywhere else in your profile, putting it as a skill will make your profile show up when someone searches for that word or phrase. And LinkedIn lets you put up to 50 of them. It’s the best place to put a ton of keywords and not seem spammy. Take advantage and do it!

So there you have it - our top tips for a glow-up of your LinkedIn profile. Why not give our BT LinkedIn page a visit too? Here you’ll find details of our latest exciting career opportunities and keep up to date with new opportunities by setting up a job alert. Take a look today!

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