Our B2B marketing team (known as Enterprise within BT) have put together five of their top tips for working in their team.

1. Speed and agility

Be prepared for quick action, don’t get too set in your ways - things move and they move fast. When working, things change, so always come up with a plan A and plan B.

2. Talk the talk

There’s no room for complicated jargon in what we do. We follow our internal Tone of Voice guide to help us to write briefings in a way that our readers can relate to and understand easily.

3. Right first time

Chant this as your mantra! Although it’s important to be quick, it’s vital to get things as right as possible, the first time you send it out.

4. Sharing is caring

Learned something new or come up with a great idea? Heard something that might be useful to the rest of the team? Think collaboratively and share with the team - sharing’s caring, so they say.

5. Stay in touch and don’t be shy!

Not only with your own team, but also with those outside of it. Oil the gears of great stakeholder relationships with regular contact and a helpful nature. Need an answer quickly? We’re a busy bunch, so you never know if your email’s at the back of the queue - so get stuff done in half the time by picking up the phone.

You can find out more about our marketing roles here.

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