For more than a century now, we’ve looked to innovation to bring us new products and services, improved customer experience, efficiency gains and to unlock exciting new opportunities.

Our very origins can be traced back to an entrepreneurial fusion of business and innovation - on 12 June 1837 William Fothergill Cooke (an entrepreneur and business man) and Professor Sir Charles Wheatstone (an academic) filed a patent for the world’s first practical electric telegraph. These collaborators were excited by the commercial potential that the recently discovered phenomenon of electricity and magnetism could offer for communications.

From there, we can follow the development of a trailblazing company which has created, embraced and exploited technological innovation to change the world.

We conducted the world’s first wireless transmission across the Atlantic in 1926, built the first electronic programmable computer in 1943 and opened the world’s first digital telephone exchange in 1968.

We laid the first submarine single mode fibre cable in 1981 and the first commercial single mode fibre system in 1984 – the product of research at Martlesham in the early 1980s.

Today we’re working on things like innovative fibre technologies, smart cities and super secure communications which will transform millions of lives.

Our research centres around the world are leading in deriving standards for the next generation of fast copper systems and a new approach to ultra-high capacity core networks.

Our purpose is as simple: We connect for good.

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Our success doesn't just come from what we do. It's how we do things and why that really matters.

At BT we know it's crucial that our people reflect the diversity of our customers.

We're committed to providing great rewards to the people who drive our success.

We want you to have every chance to achieve your full potential.

We're using the power of communications to make a better world – a world where people are prepared for the challenges that tomorrow brings.

At BT we believe people do their best at work if we make it easier for them to meet their personal responsibilities as well.