We want BT to be a place you can build your career

Here at BT we encourage our people to fulfil their potential. We want you to be able to grow and develop throughout your career and enjoy a wide range of opportunities.

That’s why we’ve created a career framework, designed to support our culture of personal development and excellence. You can use it to help you find a role that’s an ideal fit for your current skills, yet also offers plenty of opportunities for growth.

Once you’ve joined us, you’ll have access to our Academy. It’s a site that hosts all the resources you need to achieve your career goals, including a career mapping tool. You can personalise it to create a career map that identifies all the skills you’ll need to move from your current role to your next one.

You can also use the Academy to access coaching, networking, mentoring and knowledge-sharing opportunities. Whether you want to manage a team, become a specialist in a specific area, or try something new altogether, we aim to help you achieve it!

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Our success doesn't just come from what we do. It's how we do things and why that really matters.

At BT we know it's crucial that our people reflect the diversity of our customers...

We're committed to providing great rewards to the people who drive our success...

We're using the power of communications to make a better world – a world where people are prepared for the challenges that tomorrow brings.

At BT we believe people do their best at work if we make it easier for them to meet their personal responsibilities as well.

For more than a century now, we've looked to innovation to bring us new products and services, improved customer experience, efficiency gains and to unlock exciting new opportunities...