Technology is at the heart of what we do. But it’s not just about developing that technology, we want to go that extra mile, and use our inventions and innovative solutions to make life easier for our customers. To do that, we need someone to bridge the gap. Someone who can understand how different technologies all work together, as well as explain it to our customers in simple terms. That’s where our Technical Consultants come in.

You might think that getting to grips with lots of different types of technology is a bit much.  But don’t worry, we’re not expecting you to be an expert just yet. While we ask that you’ve done a STEM degree, it doesn’t need to be computer science. As long as you’re willing to learn new skills, we’ve got the platforms and programmes to teach you.

So what will you be doing, as Technical Consultant, you might ask? You’ll be leading on highly technical projects and programmes to make sure they’re rolled out successfully to customers. You might stay broad, and work on a range of products across all different kinds of software and network technologies. Or you might specialise in field such as cyber security.

You’ll need to use some of your new technical knowhow, to understand how our products and services work and they can come together to create a solution for our customers. But then you’ll also need to turn that technical knowledge into something simple for other people to understand. People that might not be as tech savvy as you are. Plus you’ll need to keep an eye out to spot valuable business opportunities when they arise.

Whether you’re looking at future innovation, defining strategy, protecting customers through security, or working with teams across BT to develop new products, tools and systems – or maintain current ones – there are countless challenges to tackle and opportunities to develop with this hands-on role.

Our Technical Consultant programme is available in the Global part of our business. 


Two-year graduate programme


Manchester and Birmingham

Some of our locations are more popular than others. If we’ve filled all the roles in your preferred location, we might ask you to consider a role based somewhere else. 

Entry requirements

A 2.1 in a relevant STEM subject. We’ll also accept a 2.2 with a relevant postgraduate qualification. Because of the nature of the work we do some of our Technical Consultant roles will require security clearance. Don’t worry, a member of the Early Careers Team will talk you through this. 

Starting salary