No longer accepting applications to join in 2022


Two-year graduate programme 


Entry requirements

A 2:1 degree in any discipline, or a 2.2 with a post graduate qualification.

Starting salary


Some of our locations are more popular than others. If we’ve filled all the roles in your preferred location, we might ask you to consider a role based somewhere else. 

Strategy & Transformation is one of those vital parts of the business you probably don’t even realise are there most of the time. But that’s the key to their success. Strategy & Transformation help shape our business for the future, making sure we’re still around in another 100 years’ time. By joining our Strategy programme, you’ll be at the forefront of shaping part of our company, potentially for years to come. 

You’ll get the opportunity to work with all the different areas of our company; so you’ll get a really deep understanding of what it is that we do, and how we do it. Being exposed to all the different business units also means you’ll learn how strategy is executed across the business, picking up lots of different ways of working. We’ll get you defining and in some cases delivering our strategy to colleagues, customers and clients – it’s pretty exciting! 

You might get the chance to work in certain key areas of Strategy, such as Corporate, Network or Product and Partnerships, and get the opportunity to understand how we make and execute long-term and short-term strategy. You’ll learn how to champion actionable insight that drives business strategy and performance.

This is a programme where you’ll learn lots of different skills that will be useful throughout your career. You’ll develop outstanding relationship and time- management skills, as well as a healthy dose of resilience and tenacity, all of which are vital in supporting careers in strategy, transformation and insight. On top of that, you’ll learn skills in project management, data analysis and stakeholder management. 

Our Strategy programme is available in our Consumer, part of our business.  As part of this programme, you’ll do three rotations around our Strategy teams, spending eight months on each rotation.