No longer accepting applications to join in 2022


Two-year graduate programme 


Entry requirements

A 2:1 in any discipline or a 2:2 with a postgraduate qualification.

Starting salary


Some of our locations are more popular than others. If we’ve filled all the roles in your preferred location, we might ask you to consider a role based somewhere else. 

Contract management is a serious business. Nearly all of our business relationships are underpinned by a contract of some form or another, setting out enforceable obligations between BT and a whole host of different companies. Now we’re not expecting you to be a lawyer (we have the legal department for that), but we do want you to get involved in preparing, negotiating, implementing and overseeing some of our agreements.

No two days are the same when it comes to contract management. One moment you are supporting a customer to help them survive, thrive & grow and the next you’re managing the profit and loss of the relationship. Our customers are all big corporations and they all offer lots of different services and products; you’ll be getting involved with all of them. We’ll help you develop skills in supplier and relationship management, business law, risk management and negotiation. You’ll need to jump in with both feet, but it will be worth it.

Some say it’s like running your own business within an even bigger business. Some say it’s a chance to get a deep insight into our organization. It’s both those things and more; it’s fast paced, but the skills you’ll learn will be in demand across any organization, so you’ll be really setting yourself up for the future.

Don’t worry, we won’t expect you to do all these things on your own. We’ve got a comprehensive training programme to help you develop your knowledge. Plus, you’ll be backed up by our amazing team here as well. So you’ll get all the training, coaching and support that you need to develop a successful career, including the opportunity to gain professional qualifications.

Our Contract Management programme is available in the Global part of our business. With this programme, you’ll be able to do three rotations over the two year programme.