Our commercial management covers pretty much everything we think you might need to know about business. The good thing about this is, it gives you the chance to get stuck into nearly every element of our business, find out what you like doing, and take you career in pretty much any direction you want to.

In this programme, it’s all about maximising profit, and minimising risk.  You could be working with pretty much anyone we have a contract with, from customers, to supplier and partners. We’ll help you develop the skills you need to build relationships, influence and negotiate, making sure we’re getting the best value possible from our agreements. Then you’ll also need to get stuck into delivering on those agreements, so you’ll be bringing in elements of project management and service delivery as well.  

A big part of this role is also looking after our reputation and we put a lot of focus on making sure we’re acting in a responsible way. We’ll give the training and insight you need to ensure we’re acting ethically at all times and doing the best thing for our customers.

Of course, you’ll need a little help from across the company. You’ll get exposure to almost every different area of the business. From finance to legal to marketing and propositions, you’ll gain a deep insight into how we do things (and even suggest how we should make them better!) and build up some real commercial skills.

Our Commercial Management programme is available in the Enterprise part of our business. 


Two-year graduate programme


Some of our locations are more popular than others. If we’ve filled all the roles in your preferred location, we might ask you to consider a role based somewhere else. 

Entry requirements

A 2:1 in any discipline or a 2:2 with a postgraduate qualification.

Starting salary

UK locations - £29,100
Dublin - €30,000