Permanent graduate job


Ipswich, Birmingham, London and Bristol

Starting salary


Our in-house technology and the teams behind it are our inner powerhouse. By bringing together our technical and commercial expertise, and our insight and passion for customer experience, we help stand out from the competition. Our Software Engineers come up with new ideas and develop new technologies and we want you to be a part of improving people’s lives for the better in welcome, relevant and affordable ways.

Working with our DevOps Team, you’ll work alongside our architecture teams, building our networks and systems. You’ll design, develop, deploy, test software and new technologies. It’s a pivotal role in the team as you’ll be building the pipeline that will deliver core services such as 4G and 5G, Voice, Data, Messaging, Roaming that serves over 30 million customers, as well as working directly on the UK’s Emergency Services network.

You'll have the following responsibilities

  • Writing high performance, well tested code, on a simple, light weight microservices architecture
  • Reviewing, optimising and challenging processes and outputs to continuously improve the output of the team’s work.
  • Planning, scoping and monitoring activities, including assessing risk and business impact from start to finish.
  • Developing software and testing complex or non-complex routine digital software and platforms in line with design requirement
  • Delivering “full stack” software – from frontend portals, to middle ware to backend
  • Researching and testing solutions to any problems, as well as escalating issues as needed

You'll have the following skills & experience

  • A 2.2 degree or higher in a STEM subject
  • Awareness of new technologies and development and an interest in testing and implementing new ideas
  • Some programming skills in Python, Java, Typescript depending on focus
  • Experience with DevOps tools such as Git, Nexus, Ansible, Terraform etc
  • Appreciation of Public Cloud Services (AWS, Azure, GCP etc.)
  • Basic knowledge of MySQL – data stores in general, when to use RDBMS over NOSQL etc.

Please note that this role will not rotate around the business. This is an entry level graduate job, meaning you will learn how to do a specific role. This role is available in the Networks part of our business.