Find out about life at BT, as told by our graduates



My first year at BT was inevitably full-on and hectic but ultimately stacks of FUN! During my first day, I forged a great many friendships that have really made a difference to my time here at BT.


Applied Research

I was so amazed with the cutting edge research on 5G mobile technology of my team that I suddenly realized that this is the place where I can contribute my best to make a difference for the customers of BT.


Commercial management

This learning experience is all encompassing it doesn’t necessarily have to be about hard business skills learnt through a text-book. Simple conversations with individuals and developing people skills are as equally important.


Cyber Security

There is a great support network in BT and your teams are used to Graduates, they know you’re going to need help and that you might need extra time. This is what the Graduate scheme is all about! Putting things you have learnt into practice and to BT specifications.



Both my rotations in my first year stretched me in completely different ways. Now I’m in my third rotation, I’m still learning huge amounts in a whole new area and I can see myself finishing the scheme with a rounded knowledge of the industry.


Project Management

I’ve become more confident and how realised that my opinion is counted. The first year flies by so fast so try to get involved in as much as you can.


Network Technologies

After graduating from my bachelor's degree in Business Computing I applied to work for BT Technology because after researching the business I was excited about the future and where the technology was going. I haven't looked back. BT Technology is full technical specialists that are always willing to help you.



I’ve been able to get involved with a lot of stuff outside of my normal day job, like volunteering. There’s so much more to learn as things are constantly changing, but this makes working at BT even more exciting!


Software Engineering

You do quickly learn things on the job, such as learning how to analyse other people’s code, planning your work and collaborating with your colleagues to carry out your tasks effectively and efficiently. Being able to contribute to the team is very satisfying, especially since I had limited coding experience beforehand.