Two-year graduate programme

Role profile

By joining us on our Strategy and Transformation graduate programme you’ll be at the forefront of helping shape, define and in some cases deliver our strategy to colleagues, customers and clients. You’ll also get the opportunity to work with all the different areas of BT giving you a deeper understanding of how the business delivers on its promises.

You’ll be part of pan-BT programmes and gain an understanding how project management works across large scale activity. You’ll also have the opportunity to interact with colleagues within all Corporate Functions and Business Units, learning how our strategy is executed in the different areas.

Working in a specific area of Strategy, such a Corporate, Network, Product and Partnerships, you’ll have the opportunity to understand how BT forms and executes long-term and short-term strategy. You’ll learn how to champion actionable insight that drives business strategy and performance.

By the time you’ve finished your two year programme you’ll have a broad understanding of the business and understand how to deliver on a programme or project, as well as understanding how our business sets strategy for delivering on our long-term goals.

You’ll develop outstanding relationship and time- management skills as well as a healthy dose of resilience and tenacity, all of which are vital in supporting careers in strategy, transformation and insight. You’ll also gain transferable skills in project management, data analysis, stakeholder management, presentation and communications.



Entry requirements

A 2.1 degree or a 2.2 degree with an additional postgraduate degree.

Starting salary