The application process

Are you ready for a career that’s going to take you somewhere? Our business is changing and starting your career at BT means you’ll be joining a business that’s accelerating change. We’re important to our customers now more than ever and through the power of technology, we’re supporting them to live, work and play together better. 

Your application journey

We want everyone who applies to our programme to have an equal opportunity to perform and enjoy the experience. So we’re giving you an insight into our application process, along with some helpful hints and tips to make sure you’re able to give it your best shot.

We’ve tried to make our application process as accessible as possible for everyone, but if you have a disability or condition that means you’ll need assistance, extra time or special equipment to successfully complete any stage please let us know by getting in touch.

We recommend you check out our programmes section to get clued up on the different programmes and locations on offer.

We can only accept one application from you, and any additional applications will be withdrawn – so be sure to apply to the programme that you’re most interested in. Some roles are available in a number of locations and you’ll have the opportunity to select all the locations you are interested in when you get to the application form. And it’s definitely best to apply early too –as closing dates can be brought forward if we receive enough applications or fill our roles.

If you’re applying for a role outside the UK, not all of the below will be relevant to your application journey, but a member of the team for that region will be able to let you know what to expect once you’ve applied.

Application form

The application form is simple and quick to complete. Nothing taxing, nothing complicated. Simply answer the few questions we ask honestly and to the best of your knowledge.

You won't need a CV to complete the application form either. If you want to upload one (there is a section for you to do so), then you can do so, but it's not a requirement for applying for one of our programmes.

If you meet the entry criteria for the programme you’ll be invited to move on to the next step and complete our Logiks and Factors online assessments.

Online assessments

We’ll ask you to take two bespoke BT online assessments called Logiks and Factors. These assessments aren’t about your previous experience or what you think the BT process may be. Instead, focus on looking at the scenario, looking at the potential solutions, and going with your natural preferences.

We know you might not have done anything like this before, and that’s OK. There are practice tests available when you log into the hub, so we’d recommend trying these so you get familiar with what you’ll need to do, before you do the assessment.

  • This assessment is all about reasoning ability. It’s made up of three sections and you’ll have 12 minutes to complete them all.

  • This assessment will help us appraise your behaviours, preferences and style at work. You’ll be presented with some real-life BT scenarios and be asked what you’re most likely to do.

    It will help us to understand what your natural strengths are – so what you’re naturally good at doing, and what you enjoy doing.

    You can take as long as you like with this test - but be aware that once you’ve started you need to complete it in a single session.

    • Tell us if you need any help: We’re committed to ensuring that everyone can perform at their best. If you have any concerns about taking our assessments or need any adjustments, please email our team within three days of receiving your assessment invite on They’ll be happy to talk through any needs you may have.
    • Look at some example tests: We recommend you take a look at some of our example tests so you know what to expect.
    • Prepare your surroundings: When you’re ready to start make sure you’re in a quiet room with a stable internet connection.
    • Adopt the right mindset: The more comfortable you are, the more at ease you’ll be when you complete the actual test, so try and stay relaxed.
    • Don’t overthink the questions: Go with your gut instinct and make a selection that feels like it’s really reflective of you.
    • Give genuine answers: People who over analyse or second-guess their answers usually get low scores because they give conflicting responses.
    • We’ll send you feedback: After completing the online assessments you’ll get a feedback report which we hope will be useful.
    • Next steps: We’ll complete a final check that you meet the entry criteria and make sure there are still vacancies in your chosen programme and location. If everything is OK we’ll invite you to the next step – the video interview.

Video interview

The next stage is a video interview which will take around 20-30 minutes to complete.

You'll be asked a series of questions one at a time. You'll have a bit of time to think about each answer then record your response. Once you've completed all the questions the video will be reviewed by a member of our team.

Here are some tips to help you in the process:

  • Get some practice in: You can complete some of our practice questions before the video interview starts.
  • Get comfortable: Find a quiet place to record your answers, somewhere you won’t get disturbed or distracted.
  • Think it through: Take the time to read and understand the question and think about your answer. Make sure you answer the question you've been asked.

Be confident: Remember to look into the camera and speak clearly. We want to see the real you so don't forget to bring your passion and personality!

Assessment centre

The final part of the application journey is a day at a Virtual Assessment Centre. If you’ve made it this far, well done! You’ve faced some tough competition so making it to the Assessment Centre is a true testament to how well you’ve done.

We’re really proud of the candidate experience at our Virtual Assessment Centres. They’ve been designed specifically for us and last year 98.8% of the candidates who attended rated the BT experience as more positive than others.

What to expect on the day

We’ll explore what you can do, what you’re passionate about doing, and your long-term potential. You’ll also get a better idea of what life is like with us. You’ll meet some of our current graduates - you’ll find out we’re all really friendly! By the end of the process we should both be able to decide whether we’re right for each other.

Here are some of our top tips for doing well on the day:

  • We'll send you all your invites and a detailed breakdown of what to expect at Virtual Assessment Centre in advance. This will include your links to access the Assessment Centre.

  • You can expect to take part in a group exercise, an interview, and presentation which we’ll use to assess specific strengths.

  • It’s really important to take some time to prepare for your Virtual Assessment Centre. Make sure you research about BT, the role you've applied for, and are clear about your motivations for wanting to work here. Refresh your memory of your previous work experience and get someone to do some interview practice with you so that you’re confident and ready to tell us all about yourself.

  • Check out our website one last time and make sure you know what it is about BT that makes you want to join us.

  • Try and do whatever you can to combat your nerves. We want to see the real you, and when you’re nervous we know how difficult it is to really shine.

  • Get plenty of sleep the night before and make sure you set your alarm to give you plenty of time to get your device set up. Ideally, you want to be in a quiet spot at home, somewhere you won’t be disturbed.

  • If you throw yourself into the tasks and have a chat with the other candidates you’ll find yourself relaxing more and showing the real you. 

  • Don’t panic if you think you’ve made a mistake. No-one’s perfect and that’s not what we’re expecting - so don’t let it throw you off for the rest of the day.

  • We'll contact you a few days after your assessment to tell you whether or not you’ll be offered a role.


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