The Application Journey and our Hints and Tips

We want everyone who applies to our programme to have an equal opportunity to perform and enjoy the experience. So we’re giving you an insight into our application process, along with some helpful hints and tips to make sure you’re able to give it your best shot.

We’ve tried to make our application process as accessible as possible for everyone, but if you have a disability or condition that mean you’ll need assistance, extra time or special equipment to successfully complete any stage please let us know by getting in touch.

We recommend you check out the our programmes section to get clued up on the different programmes and locations on offer. If you’re unsure which role to apply for don’t forget to visit our quiz to find out which roles might be best suited to you based on the way you like to work.

We can only accept one application from you, and any additional applications will be withdrawn – so be sure to apply to the programme that you’re most interested in. Some roles are available in a number of locations and you’ll have the opportunity to select all the locations you are interested in when you get to the application form. And it’s definitely best to apply early too –as closing dates can be brought forward if we receive enough applications or fill our roles. We take applications forward based on date order throughout the process – so try to complete each stage as soon as you can once you are invited.

If you’re applying for a role outside the UK, not all of the below will be relevant to your application journey, but a member of the team for that region will be able to let you know what to expect once you’ve applied.