Work shifts if… making more of your time matters to you.

At BT, we’ve got a long history of using communications to make our world a better place. From providing the largest fixed-line and broadband services in the UK to helping 12 million homes and businesses go ultrafast by 2020, every day we connect millions of people to the things that matter most. We’re essential to modern-day living and dedicated to investing in the technology of tomorrow. Why? Because when we reach further and aim higher, we know that we can make a difference to our customers all over the world.


Work shifts if, like Hannah, living life to the fullest is for you. 

If you love long walks and nights out with the girls, you’re just like Hannah. Queen of customer service and socialising with friends, she’s worked out the perfect way to fit her working patterns around her busy lifestyle. 


Work shifts if, like Paul, spending time with the family means everything.

What could be better than sharing the things you love with the people you love the most? If you’re someone who believes in making more of family time, take a leaf out of Paul’s book and make your shifts work for you.


Work shifts if, like Jack, being there for your teammates matters.

It doesn’t matter whether you love watching the ball hit the back of the net or live to drive it in yourself, just like Jack, you can find the perfect balance between work and play when you join our contact centre.


Work shifts if, like Faiza, taking a little time for yourself is a big deal.

Putting yourself first can sometimes feel like the biggest challenge of all, but we believe there’s a way. If you want to carve out a little time just for you, like Faiza, then set your sights on our range of shifts patterns.

We’re committed to caring for our customers

To make sure we’re on-hand to provide them with the assistance they need, when they need it most, our contact centres are open from Monday to Sunday. Each centre is generally open between 8am and 10pm, but our shift patterns tend to vary depending on the location and area of the business our advisors work. If you join us as an Apprentice in any location you won’t work past 8pm.

It’s a flexible approach to customer service and one that many of our advisors love.

What if you still have questions?

We want you to feel confident that joining us is the right decision. That’s why we’ve put together a handy list of frequently asked questions that’ll help you to understand how our shift patterns might work for you. We can’t guarantee what your shifts will be exactly just yet, but we have a huge range of popular shift patterns that work for most of our advisors.