Fulfil your potential

We’ve always been at the forefront of technological innovation; from developing the first ever electric telegraph to designing smart cities, we’ve imagined ways to make a real difference to our customers’ lives. Over our long history we’ve developed a loyal customer base that relies on our expansive range of products and services. That’s why every single conversation our contact centre employees have with our customers is different from the next. Whether they work in sales or service, they help people from all walks of life to stay connected. They come together to become the trusted voice of BT – responsible for delivering a positive experience on every call and to every customer.

That’s why we look for people with potential. It’s not about having tons of experience in sales, customer service or a contact centre; it’s about bringing your own flavour to everything you do. If you’re great at building rapport and trust, showing empathy and resilience, and going out of your way for people, then you’ve probably already got what it takes to succeed here.

The best people to tell you about working here are our people. Why not listen to a few of them explain how they’ve been supported, recognised, and what they love about working for BT. Watch videos.

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