We offer a range of careers opportunities across several specialist areas

  • We work in Finance. It's the function that acquires, manages, plans and reports the funds of the company. We're experts in understanding how the business makes money and demonstrate effective problem solving skills as we partner with the business colleagues to help them solve complex problems.

    Choosing a career in Finance is rewarding, we work at the heart of the business - every big plan or decision involves choices about what to do with the company's money, which means Finance colleagues find themselves involved in every big plan or decision. It's a great way to make a difference, to influence the direction of the company and help deliver great solutions for customers. Our finance work for BT is varied, challenging and fast paced - we need a broad variety of skills and expertise, which means you will constantly develop, learn new skills and have the opportunity to grow a diverse career with us.

    The finance manager whose creativity is an asset to our business

    R2R Team Manager Monika paints a positive picture of BT’s working culture as one that “embraces inclusiveness and respects diversity”. 

    In thirteen years here, she’s been supported to grow her skills, horizontally and vertically. She’s won awards for her contribution to implementing IFRS15 and IFRS16. And she’s been given the flexibility to fit her work around her parental responsibilities.

    Outside work, she’s interested in a different kind of culture: fine art. “Whenever I can find the time, I can be found creating arts” she says.

    The finance manager who gets a buzz from solving complex problems

    At work, Jonathan helps BT to respond to major incidents and protect the UK’s critical infrastructure. It’s exciting work, solving tricky problems – no two days are the same.

    Being able to work flexibly from home gives him time to escape into a miniature world, looking after bees. Maybe, he says, there are some parallels between the way the bees work together and communicate to produce honey and the way BT connects with its customers.

    People sometimes think finance is just about the numbers but actually it’s about partnering with the business – using the data to give people insight.

    BT Finance Colleague, UK

    Be a part of change

    You’ve picked the perfect time to join BT’s Finance team. We’re currently undergoing a transformation called Making Finance Brilliant. As well as updating our systems and processes, we’re changing the way we work together – creating a more open, collaborative and learning culture which you can be part of building.

    We want BT Finance to be a better business partner and a better place to work – and you’ll be helping us to shape that future. With so much to achieve, you’ll have the chance to learn new skills, push your ideas forward and work on projects that face different areas of our global business.

    You’ll be building your skill set and working on CV changing challenges – and you’ll be doing it all with a well-respected business that helps people across the world to connect for good.

    Where you can join us

    We’re looking for people both in India and the UK, including London, Bristol, Birmingham and Belfast. Many of these roles offer the chance to work flexibly too depending on the team and role you join at BT.

    We have multiple opportunities across a range of experience levels. What matters most is that you’re positive and open-minded and naturally collaborative – someone who wants to learn and share their skills with others.

    To deliver our services, we need analysts, managers, and business partners in areas including accountancy, insurance, reporting, credit control, financial control, and commercial finance.

    Then there are roles focused on change – for example in analytics, data science, data architecture, SAC/SAP planning and reporting, infrastructure, and applications management. 

    Why work for BT in Finance

    Man leaning on a desk with a cup in his hand

    This is impactful, inspiring work that makes a difference to the world. In finance, you see the breadth of BT, whether that’s partnering with government decision-makers or helping to connect customers in rural communities.

    Three people walking past a wall of windows

    You’ll be part of a supportive community with many opportunities to learn new skills and progress your career. You’ll be helping to lead change, exposing yourself to some CV-changing challenges. As our finance operations develop, so will you.

    Three people sitting around a table having a meeting

    We’re building a culture of flexibility and trust. Many of our people enjoy the freedom to work on a hybrid basis. Of course, that depends on the project you’re working on, the team you join and the time of year – see our job adverts for full details.

    Roles in UK

    Business Partnering and Commercial Finance Manager

    Finance Manager - Networks, Economics and Insights

    Accounting & Financial Control Manager

    Roles in India

    P & I Finance Reporting Analyst

    Accounting and financial IT control manager

    Accounting and financial control manager

    Next steps

    If you can’t see a role for you...

    Please join our talent pool so that the finance recruiters at BT can view your profile on Linkedin and approach you for future roles that you may be suitable for.

    You get surprises every day. BT is on an endless journey and I am excited to be part of that.

    BT Finance Colleague, India
  • Even though our legal teams sit in our corporate functions, we actually are more like business partners to the different parts of our company. Not only do we provide commercially focused legal advice to our unit, we also help support bids, product launches, disputes and procurement. Our main job is to make sure all our agreements with customers, suppliers and partners are recorded in a way that protects business objectives.

    Working as an in house lawyer means an opportunity to work on an exciting and diverse portfolio of products and services.  Our work is really varied; in a day you might go from supporting on resolving a dispute to launching new products and shaping communications. Some projects we work on are so exciting we’re not allowed to talk about them here! 

    We’ve got everything a lawyer interested in business, technology and telecommunications could ever want. Working in an ever changing and improving business is exciting; and you’re really contributing to future challenges and needs of the country, and the world!  The opportunities can seem almost limitless.

    Even though we’re fully qualified legal professionals, the learning doesn’t stop. We encourage collaboration when problem solving and sharing ideas and experiences amongst our team; no matter what part of the business you’re supporting. It’s not all about a hierarchy either; we empower people to be leaders irrespective of their role or title.  And we don’t forget the outside perspective either; we have weekly learning sessions where everyone in legal is invited to join a guest speaker.

    Group having a meeting
    Group having a meeting

    We need people who like working in a collaborative and creative environment would enjoy the challenges of being a legal advisor. We’re inquisitive, collaborative and creative. We’re always proactive and accountable, as well as doing what we can to make things simple and efficient. You’ll need to want to really get invested in the part of business you’re partnering with and help to support, and really get to know their challenges and specific legal nuances. On top of all that, we put our people first, and really value making sure everyone manages a work/life balance.

    We’re also a team that really values diversity, in every way shape and form. We aim create an environment where everyone who has the ability and mind-set to succeed can succeed, regardless any differences. In fact, we value the benefits that difference can bring and actively seek out difference and diversity when looking for talent. We are proud that a number of key roles in various employee led People Networks are held by legal colleagues who are making BT a brilliant place to work for everyone.

  • We fuel our business by providing an environment where our people can perform at their best, and we play a critical role in transforming BT to make sure we’re able to support 100,000 colleagues globally. Our success starts with our brilliant people and ends with happy customers and shareholders.  You can choose from a huge range of career paths, from generalist to specialist roles in learning, reward and recognition, talent acquisition and development,  inclusion & diversity and many more.

    Group of people in conference room having a meeting
    Group of people in conference room having a meeting

  • We’re here to build, and help others to build, the reputations that BT needs to succeed in the short and long term. It's an important job that puts us at the heart of the company's future. A career with us could take you into media relations, internal communications or public affairs. 

    • BT’s External Communications function is made up of small teams in every part of our diverse business. Much of what we do is media relations – telling BT’s story through traditional and social media. But our role goes beyond that to other outward-facing communications from conference speeches to liaison with groups representing our customers.

      In any one day part of the team could be promoting EE’s sponsorship of the BAFTAs or working with BT Sport to campaign against racism in football, whilst others are publicising new industry applications of 5G or other cutting edge technologies. At the same time as we support the business right across the world, we’re also handling corporate issues from financial results to explaining BT’s stance on the issues of the day.

      We’re a mixed team from all sorts of backgrounds. We’re looking for strong writing skills and great judgement but that’s all – nobody is born a comms person and we believe anyone can become one.

    • Our mission in internal communications is to build a community of advocates, confident in the future of BT. Between our 70+ strong team of internal communicators sitting within Corporate Affairs and each of our business units, we see and hear pretty much everything that goes on across the business putting us in a unique, vital, and exciting position.

      The scope of work we undertake is huge – from shaping our company strategy and story; driving colleague experience improvements for our 100,000+ colleagues; advising senior stakeholders on how best to communicate to their teams; to running company-wide campaigns to promote our latest products, initiatives and priorities, and much, much more.

      If you want to be part of a team that genuinely impacts how it feels to work at BT, then internal communications could be the right home for you.

    • BT’s Policy and Public Affairs team aims to influence government policymaking and sustain BT’s reputation with political audiences. We look to identify and manage any potential risks to BT’s success from political intervention.

      At any one time we might be talking to MPs about how they can help accelerate our fibre rollout, working with a think tank to develop proposals to reduce digital inclusion, or advising the Government on the international trade priorities for UK digital companies.

      We have people based in BTs HQ in London, in Scotland, Wales, the regions of England and also in Washington DC.

    • BT’s Digital Impact and Sustainability team drive and deliver the strategy, develop programmes and support the business to help people thrive in the digital world, tackle climate change and environmental challenges, and champion human rights and responsible technology.

      Being a responsible and sustainable business shows up in the way we work, our business strategy and the policies we use every day. We work with BT’s business units to deliver a wide range of campaigns and partnerships which, at their heart, help BT deliver its purpose 'we connect for good'. This can range from helping people to develop basic digital skills and stay connected, supporting young people into the job market, assisting SMEs to run and grow a successful business online, through to working with colleagues and customers to reduce energy consumption, and creating environmentally friendly products and services. We also support charities and local communities, and we work to ensure BT provides its customers with ethical and responsible products and services, starting with our supply chain all the way through to the end product.

      As a team we’re mostly located across the UK, with colleagues also located in India, our largest market beyond the UK. 

    • The transformation, planning and reporting teams mission is to drive the ongoing performance and improvement of the Corporate Affairs function . The team is spread across multiple disciplines but the core mission is to help transform and simplify Corporate Affairs to become a world class and effective function.

      We refresh and create a clear, coherent strategy, bringing order and cohesiveness to campaign planning in Corporate Affairs ; ensuring a clear and consistent narrative for BT and the positions taken on a wide range of issues; and ensuring the best use of insight and measurement to guide what we do and to track performance against agreed KPIs. We report and oversee strategy, reporting and governance with the digital impact and sustainability team. We have a small production team to manage the distribution of important corporate news both internally and externally on bt.com/about. We also take the lead on all major transformation programmes affecting Corporate Affairs.

      We are here to make Corporate Affairs a great place to work and our people have a diverse range of skills from strategy planning to business management and production specialists.

    Hear from our colleagues about working in Corporate Affairs

  • Our Corporate Strategy team really define who we are as a business. We focus on the future, helping the company to identify opportunities, risks and challenges to success in the markets we operate in.  Our vision is to drive our company’s strategic direction as forward-thinking, boundary-pushing and as a trusted partner, to create value for everyone.  

    On top of that, corporate strategy also provide thought leadership and solutions to enable profitable revenue growth, and shareholder return.  It’s a busy, critical team that helps align our complex business with one single plan; bringing together commercial and business teams to support long term growth and profitability.

    We focus on exactly what our customers want from us and what our competitors are doing, meaning we can design winning strategies for our networks, products and brands.

    Man writing on whiteboard
    Man writing on whiteboard

    Our Corporate Strategy team has two main areas:  Strategic Planning and the General team. Strategic planning manage the annual strategy development process and how to embed that into our business. The General team support on ad hoc priority projects for the ExCo and Board.

    Our team might always be busy, but you’re in a unique position to meet and work with senior leaders and stakeholders; and have a real influence on the business for the future. Plus, you get to work on some pretty cool projects, such as the on boarding of our new Digital and Networks units. We’re always looking for fresh ways of thinking; so we always want you to be your unique self.

    We invest a lot of time training our team with sessions led by people across the team.  But it’s not just the classroom learning, we also encourage learning on the job with strong mentorship from our more senior colleagues, so you’re always developing new skills. 

  • Better Workplace building
    Better Workplace building

    With a team of property, construction and facilities management professionals, we help shape, maintain and manage BT’s property portfolio - anywhere we operate, whatever the size. From our new London HQ, hubs across the country, contact centres to smaller telephone exchanges, our property portfolio has more than 8,000 buildings across the globe. We keep our buildings performing at their best and aim to provide a working environment that enables people to be brilliant, no matter where they're based.

    Our team is playing a key part in one of the company’s biggest projects, called The Better Workplace. We’re making a significant investment in the estate and we’re being entrusted to create amazing spaces for our colleagues.  The transformation is like no other experience, and Property & Facilities are making it happen!

    Our team is made up of several different parts, including Property Strategy, who look after building leases, closures and acquisitions, as well as Projects and Construction, who deliver and manage all building fit outs, capital works and property programmes. And then you have Workplace Services, who look after the workplace operations and facilities management. Not forgetting, of course, Risk and Assurance, who manage property risks, promote consistency and quality via internal audits.

    We’re proud of our brilliant workspaces, and the way we make sure our colleagues have great spaces to work. It sounds clichéd but it’s true; we’re a big welcoming family here in Property. All our new joiners are introduced on our Workplace space, and in our monthly meetings. We’re all willing to help and support each other, to deliver excellence as a team. 

  • Risk, Compliance & Audit – known as RCA – is a really key part of our business. We help our business take the right risks, in the right way, to get the right results. We also help make sure our colleagues know about doing the right thing too, making sure we’re all always acting within the law and our global policies. As a big company, it’s a big job; we’re always working hard to make sure we have the right procedures and controls in place to make sure we’re acting ethically as individuals and as a company.

    As it says on the tin, RCA is made up of three different careers areas: Risk, Ethics & Compliance and Internal Audit.

    • Our group wide risk team work with all sorts of different colleagues to advise them on which risks to take, how to deal with risks in the right way, and also deliver results. We do this through understanding a team’s appetite for risk, providing insight and supporting their decisions. Alongside our Core Risk team, we also have Deployed teams, who specialise in providing a clear, constructive and collaborative framework for our different business areas, helping colleagues succeed through managing risk well.

    • Our Ethics & Compliance team help us do the right thing by setting, maintaining and applying our very high standards of corporate ethics and compliance. We’ve got people working in regulation compliance, export control & sanctions, ISO audit and finance services compliance. That’s before you even get to our Speak Up teams; our way for colleagues to chat confidentially about any concerns they might have so they can be tackled in the best way possible.

    • Our internal audit team are there to be unbiased and provide an objective view how the various parts of business are applying our standards. Audit aren’t there to criticize, but rather to consult make sure any potential problems are dealt with as soon as possible, ensuring we’re working the best way we can. It goes beyond just financial risk as well, but looks at our company as a whole, in terms of reputation, growth and environmental impact.  We have audit teams not just in the UK, but overseas as well.

    So why should I join?

    As you might have guessed, we’ve got lots of different opportunities in this space.  We want to empower our company to success by being smart with risk, as well as improving business operations.  RCA develop group wide policies, meaning your work can have an impact on every single part of our business. We’ve even recently developed a new risk management framework, helping to remove uncertainty and delivering trust to thousands of our colleagues.

    To succeed in RCA, you’ll need to be commercially minded and creative, engaging colleagues and helping them find ways to do the right thing. Being observant and inquisitive is key too; we need you to look past what’s presented and be confident about challenging things. After all, for us it’s not just about meeting the required standards, it’s about exceeding it.  

  • We believe that a supply chain is more than just getting goods from A to B.  It’s about a complete end-to-end service, from inventory management, pick and pack, configuration and collation to reporting, tracking and final mile delivery. 

    We support the majority of the business, making sure there’s a smooth end to end supply chain journey in everything we do.  From sourcing and delivering the right screwdriver for our engineer, to delivering a time critical spare which could be needed to ensure our UK emergency services don’t go down, we underpin the business to make sure they can do what they need to.  

    We aim to provide a great service and operational efficiencies, whilst working with our customers to drive transformation with things like:

    • Warehousing and despatch
    • Visibility and asset tracking
    • Staging and configuration
    • Reverse logistics
    • Safety testing and repair
    Colleague in a warehouse wearing a yellow waistcoat
    Colleague in a warehouse wearing a yellow waistcoat

    It’s challenging, demand driven and attracts exceptional people who thrive in working in a rapidly changing environment.  It’s rewarding too, everyone who works in our Supply Chain plays an important role ensuring our company runs smoothly and our end customers receive a brilliant service. 

    What kind of people do we look for?

    We look for people who can help provide the insight and skills to make complex supply chain a simple end to end journey. Depending on your exact role, your day could include dealing with customer enquiries, replenishing stock, and driving 18 ton lorries with critical kit on board, safety testing engineer equipment or configuring network equipment.

    You’ll need to be outgoing, passionate about doing a great job and happy to talk with our internal colleagues and customers about the help we can give them. It can be tricky, and you’ll need to be prepared to go that little extra to break down barriers and ultimately provide a brilliant end to end supply chain solution.

    We’re all passionate about what we do, and it helps if you are too. Nothing is ever as simple as it seems so you’ll need to embrace change, always work with a zero avoidable harm mindset and, enjoy taking ownership and responsibility. Keeping calm under pressure is always a useful skill.  You’ll want to strive to continuously improve every day, and not be afraid to give your feedback on new and innovative ways to improve our supply chain service.

    Fun facts


    square feet of floor space in Magna Park


    configurations completed each year by our skilled technicians


    orders processed each day in Northallerton

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    safety tests completed each year by our testers

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