Read how our Work Ready programme has provided people with the essential skills they needed to get their career started.

The Work Ready programme motivated me, giving me hands-on experience. Everyone was amazing at helping each other on the course - it was brilliant.


Sarah, work placement, Essex


“The course really helped me get a much clearer idea of what I wanted to do in terms of applying for jobs, and a few weeks in I decided I wanted to work for BT.

I would highly recommend BT work placements. You come away with new friends, a host of new skills and knowledge that you can apply for interviews and jobs in the future." 

Tom, work placement, Leicester


"I settled in really quickly and met some great people along the way. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who isn't sure what to do next. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the BT work placement and the incredible team leaders and coaches on the course who gave me guidance and prepared me to get on the career ladder.”   

Amin, work placement, Leicester


“The overall aim of the course is to prepare young people for work, and I got the opportunity to take part in CV workshops and LinkedIn sessions, and interview training and practice. It was great to have time to work on my CV with the additional help and advice from the course leader.

I'd certainly recommend BT work placements to other young people - it's opened doors for me and presented opportunities that I wouldn't have had before." 

Charles, work placement, Lincoln


“Working closely with a big group of people on the course really helped to boost my confidence

Everything I learnt on the course was crucial to helping me get the job. The work placement is the best work-related experience I've ever had." 

Daniel, work placement, Lincoln


“I worked closely with a coach on a number of tasks that helped prepare me to take my first steps into finding a new career. I took part in a lot of team building exercises, that were really helpful in building up my confidence and I learnt about the different roles a company can offer.

The BT work placement is one of the best things I've been a part of and it's led to really great things for me." 

Jack, work placement, Suffolk

''I heard about BT work placements at the job centre and thought that signing up to the course could be the fresh start I needed.

I spent my work experience in the BT TV department and I was surprised at the level of responsibility I had. I felt grateful that all of the course leaders were treating me like an adult - I’d been to courses before where they treat you like a child which is a horrible feeling.’’