'We're bang on track'

"We’re investing at unprecedented pace, we’re extending our cost savings target, and I’m increasingly confident of our outlook for revenue growth and EBITDA of at least £7.9bn in FY23."

31 March 2022
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EBITDA growth

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Building better digital lives

We want to ensure people have the digital skills they need for the future. With tech as the enabler, people can stay connected, gain confidence and unlock their potential.

Two ladies sharing a laugh in a coffee shop
Two ladies sharing a laugh in a coffee shop

Connectivity is playing a role like never before. That’s why we want to help 25 million people improve their digital skills by end of March 2026.

Female field engineers

Help us connect for good

Globally we’re going the extra mile to help friends, families and businesses stay connected. 

Join us, and empower people and organisations make the most out of life in the digital world.​