BT’s 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Thursday 16 July as a fully virtual meeting without anyone attending in person.  The limited number of directors and personnel required to ensure that a quorum was present and to conduct the formal business of the meeting joined by phone. 

Below are video messages and transcripts from our Chairman and Chief Executive, an audio recording and transcript of the formal business of the AGM, an audio recording and transcript of answers to questions shareholders submitted and a summary of the votes cast.

Jan du Plessis, Chairman

Philip Jansen, Chief Executive

Formal business of the meeting

Questions & answers

We invited shareholders to submit their questions in advance of the AGM. These were put to the Board and a recording and transcript are available here.

Summary of voting results

A summary of the voting results from our AGM on 16 July 2020 can be downloaded below.